March 8

Top Book Marketing Tips from DBW 2017

Every year, Digital Book World holds a conference in New York City where indie authors and publishers gather to discuss the publishing industry and what strategies are best for the changing world. Thus, after the conference is held in the beginning of the year, a plethora of ripe, new marketing strategies and concepts for new digital innovations hits the industry.

This year, there was a big focus on book marketing and here are some of the most useful tips shared.

Make decisions based on what data you have. It’s one of the most basic tips: it’s common sense! But often, people (especially authors) will make decisions about their book without knowing too much and without doing research. But every decision you make can always be improved using data to back it up. Try to gather as much information as you can before you make any decision, you never know what could come in handy later.

Set goals and measure results. Another simple but very useful idea that few people utilize. It’s simplicity is why perhaps most tend to forget about it, but it’s an incredibly useful way to keep yourself organized and to gather data so you can make better decisions later (refer back to the previous tip). Setting goals for your marketing efforts lets you know what exactly was most effective and what wasn’t so you have a better idea on how to strike in your next activity. The power of data!

Know your audience. Yet another simple tip that often goes ignored. You need to know specifics of who you are trying to reach so you have fine tune your data (see above) and so you can better plan on what will better stick with your audience. Gather as much information as you can about who you are trying to reach so you can better tailor the content to what your audience will most respond to.

Read more useful top tips at Bookbub’s Partner blog.

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