Assign an ISBN to your print book
as well as your ebook.

Complete author page on Amazon
and be sure you connect it to your blog or website.

Cover of your book is your most important selling tool
so be sure it’s online everywhere
Your website
Barnes & Noble
Books A Million
Tattered Cover
other online retailers.

Be sure your book is listed in the correct category.
This can be challenging, but you need to be certain it’s correct
or librarians and retailers won’t be able to find your book.

Create digital images beyond the cover image.
For example:
put up table of contents or quotes from your book
conduct interviews with contributors
produce video trailers
have someone interview you as the author and put up a 2-3 minute video.
For graphics, use, a free online tool for creating blog and social media images.

Do a series of podcasts, Blabs, and Facebook video broadcasts
to get your name out there.

Write a blog
You can take the contents of your book
and create a series of blog posts just from that.
Invite guests to post on similar topics.
This gives you a variety of voices and perspectives,
and you won’t have to do all the work!

Hire a virtual book tour company
who can promote your book to bloggers for you.
They’ll review the book, interview you,
or ask for a guest post.

Do a Kindle bestseller campaign
This works best if you have a list of people who will buy your Kindle book
on one pre-determined day for 99 cents.
There are people that will do the campaign for you.

Read blogs on similar content
that are written by other people.
Become familiar with their style
and offer to write a guest post for them.

Update your LinkedIn account
and participate in groups that are applicable to your book’s topic.
You’ll have a natural audience who might be interested in what you have to say.
NEVER try to sell your book on LinkedIn
— just listen and contribute advice to build your reputation.

Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest
and other social media websites to interact with fans
and offer great free content to others.
It’s a great way to create a mailing list!