March 8

Microsoft is Getting in on the eBook Industry


Microsoft is finally making a late entry into the eBook market. The tech giant is unveiling a new eBook section to their digital store on Windows 10. Already the digital store already sells digital copies of movies, music, tv shows, and games, and it seems like Microsoft wants to corner the whole market on digital entertainment.

It seems like a decision Microsoft has been slowly moving towards with the news last fall about how their internet browser, Microsoft Edge, was being updated to be able to read ePub files. Veterans of the industry know that eBooks typically come in ePub formats, and since Microsoft gave their users the ability to open these types of files, it was a no brainer they’d come out with their own store to provide these users a way to get more eBooks.

Will Microsoft succeed in the digital book market? We’ll have to see for now; Amazon has such a huge grasp on the market share, it’s yet to be determined if Microsoft can find a place in the industry

Their eBook store is set to be launched later in 2017.

Read more about Microsoft and the eBook industry at Fortune.

Photo via MS Power User.


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