How We Help You

We help to remove the red tape and unravel the mysteries of

the publishing process.

You'll work your way through rugged terrain to see your book in print and distributed — getting published is a detailed and vigorous process that can be scary without an experienced guide.

Once you've completed your book, you'll deal with creating a sales-promoting title, copy editing, proofreading, layout and cover design, print and digital issues, legal notices, marketing, special events, creating videos, sales, and distribution.

You'll have critical choices

to make in each phase.

As an author (and maybe, entrepreneur), you'll be building your brand, interacting with customers, and marketing your book as part of its launch campaign. Soliciting book reviewers and promoting around the clock is how many successful authors reach their goals.

You're our partner and while we make sure you retain full control over your book, we're an experienced team that knows how to overcome challenges and support you in getting your book into readers' hands with a proven, efficient, and cost-effective methodology.