Take a Radio Media Tour!

To turbocharge publicity efforts, look no further than Jackie Lapin’s new Radio Media Tour Package that reaches more than 700+ radio shows that are eager for interviews with personal development authors and speakers. (Fair disclosure: Jackie is my good friend! -Karen S.)

Jackie’s specialty agency, Conscious Media Relations, provides a full suite of publicity services including book launches for authors, speakers, coaches, and leaders in the Consciousness and Conscious Business Movement. This Radio Media Tour Package is what I consider a great value for the money.

The Conscious Media Relations Radio Media Tour is for you if you:

  • Know you have a vital message and if you can just reach more people, you can change more lives.
  • Have a publisher without manpower or willingness to reach beyond traditional book reviewers.
  • Have been struggling to increase visibility, and still feel under-exposed in the mainstream and conscious marketplace.
  • Don't have enough people in your opt-in list to monetize your message and future product sales.
  • Have a book that's stalled in sales and you're wondering what to do next?
  • Don't have resources for a traditional market-by-market book tour.
  • Want to augment a traditional book tour with a cost-effective way to contact hundreds–maybe thousands-- more than you can physically reach.
  • Have a new book, product, service or telecourse that you can't wait to launch to a targeted and willing audience.
  • Want to increase your profile, brand, and visibility.
  • Have an event or national speaking tour coming and want to build your audience.
  • Want to build relationships with receptive radio hosts around the country for future promotional and joint ventures.

Jackie’s Conscious Media Relations will strategic position you as the perfect guest for this vast list of media she has assembled. And if you wonder why she’s an expert, she has 30 hugely successful years in the PR business AND she's a best selling author in the personal and global transformation sector with her book The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World. She built this list for herself and now she’s willing to put it to work for you! Recently she generated 60 interviews for Arielle Ford who said:

"Jackie Lapin has assembled an amazing database of radio and internet talkshow hosts who are looking to talk to self-help and spiritual authors. She has kept me so busy with interviews that I barely have time to breathe!" --Arielle Ford, author The Soulmate Secret.

As a colleague and friend of Strauss Consultants, Jackie will offer you $1,000 off the Radio Media Tour .

To investigate using the Radio Media Tour, go to: http://consciousmediarelations.com/ .