March 9

Is the Indie Author Landscape Changing in 2017?


2017 started off with a few major indie book companies shutting down because of “a shift in the indie author landscape” and others have definitely seen lower sales. But is this decline really due to new changes in the industry?

Well to be honest, not much has really changed. Book sales are in a slump but that is just how the market works. There are only so many readers with more and more books constantly being released. Amazon is number one, blah blah blah. What has changed about the publishing climate are the authors themselves, how seriously people are beginning to take the book industry, and the industry is beginning to adapt to the technological changes that switched everything up.

People are becoming serious about the book industry now that the dust has settled from the release of eBooks and they are learning how to navigate the new landscape. It’s been enough time that authors and publishers are beginning to become experts at it but some, unfortunately, can’t cut it.

Read more at the Self Publishing Review.

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