Should You Relaunch Your Book?

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October 18, 2017
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December 7, 2017

Most authors expect the hard work of releasing a book to be over once they’ve finished writing the book but that’s the farthest thing from the truth. If you haven’t had a concrete marketing plan in place, chances are that your sales are far from what you expected and your book had a pretty quiet impact… But you have some options to reinvigorate it instead of just writing it off as a failure: you can relaunch your book.

Rereleasing your book can be a complex process as publishing it in the first place but it does give you a second chance to drum up sales, interest, and notoriety. Just be sure to make sure your marketing plan is more substantial then it was in the first place! For example, strengthen your social media and try to be more active, redo your website and have some kind of announcement there about your book’s relaunch, and try gathering more reviews for your book.

Relaunching your book is the time to take advantage of social media, tease changes like a new cover or perhaps an additional author who can bring the book to an all new audience!

Note: having a new cover is an absolute must for relaunches… it literally gives your book a new face and allows you to improve the mistakes you may have taken with your first cover! Be sure to “focus test” to get new ideas and thoughts, ask your friends and family what they thought was the strongest and weakest parts of your old cover was for instance.

Many authors see increased success in relaunching their books. For example, here at Hybrid Global Publishing, we have successfully republished a number of books for authors who were unsatisfied with their book’s first go-around.

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