December 7

Harness the power of LinkedIn to promote your book

Most book marketing is done through either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram these days but LinkedIn is gaining traction with the nonfiction books.

LinkedIn is an often forgotten social media platform as it is mostly thought of as a network devoted solely to job hunting or networking for career opportunities but this idea is just not accurate anymore. However, LinkedIn has become so much more than that.

Why not take full advantage of LinkedIn? Studies show that the people who use LinkedIn the highest average income than on any other platform. Most people have hundreds if not thousands of contacts they have connected with on it, so why not use the most out of all your social media?

An easy way to do so is to set yourself up as an author if you haven’t already done so and put in a link to where people can buy your book! If you have your LinkedIn settings optimized, your network should get alerted to your changes on their feed. Some will start sending you messages of support or offer congratulations, be sure to send these people further information! You never know who they might share it with!

Read more tips about selling more books at LinkedIn at The Creative Penn.


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