March 2

Does Publishing Have a Future Without Amazon?


After a particularly rough 2016, the publishing industry have been looking toward a better 2017. Already, experts have predicting that although Amazon has been shaking up the landscape, Amazon is “destroying everything good about books, publishing, and retail.”

While skeptics of the retail giant have been expecting this for years, could it be finally realized this year? Time after time, Amazon has been hit with lawsuits but has been able to shrug off most of them without affecting its large number of followers… But Amazon cannot maintain such immunity forever.

With all the innovations Amazon has brought to the industry, its sudden downfall could cause serious repercussions in the industry as a whole with the ripple effect. Publishers should start looking into what they will do when the online retailer is no more, in the event it will shutdown. After all, nothing lasts forever.

Read more at the Good E Reader.

Photo credit: rclatter via / CC BY-NC-SA


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