March 2

Do Authors Really Need to Blog?

Authors nowadays should definitely look into starting a blog. Why? There are just so many benefits to it, it will only hurt you not to be a blogger.

Having your own blog where you update regularly only ups your profile and your resume. It’ll help you nurture an audience you could point towards your books or encourage those who read your book to continue to follow you and perhaps even read your future books. You definitely want to build a following and to do that, you need to give them something to follow.

Plus it’ll help you develop your writing and get to know what your readers want to hear, giving you pointers on what you can focus on while writing your books.

“You can’t be afraid to blog if you’re a writer, just as you cannot be afraid to tweet or post on social. It’s all WRITING.” – Rachel Thompson

Read more about whether or not authors should blog plus a plethora of tips at Bad Redhead Media!

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