March 23

Kickstarter: A Useful Tool for Publishing


Since its inception, Kickstarter has been wildly successful as it changed the crowdsourcing community forever, in fact it created the crowdsourcing community and pushed it to the mainstream. It has been as equally successful in the publishing world, as it has raised over $100 million for use in publishing projects alone.

Unsurprisingly, Kickstarter has become a major player in the publishing industry, albeit while still partly in the shadows as it isn’t like anyone else in the game. While Kickstarter has become a major boon in the industry, it still does not replace “the role of editor, publicist, or publisher”, explains Kickstarter’s publishing lead Margo Atwell.

Kickstarter is just a tool to raise interest, word, or promotion about a book or project. But authors are using it to their advantage as Kickstarter’s role in the industry steadily grows.

Read more about Kickstarter’s use in publishing at the Good eReader.

Photo via Kickstarter


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