March 23

Social Media Marketing Tips for New Authors

If you’ve just finished or are about to finish your first book, you should be starting to engage in building your author’s brand through social media. What does this mean? You want to establish who you are as an author and begin to build your audience via social networking, it’s one of the best and affordable ways to connect with people and bring their attention to your book. You just have to be tactful about how go about it.

First off, make sure you respond to each and every comment you receive! You want to build a long lasting relationship and there has to be mutual engagement involved. You may get negative comments but you’ll have to respond as politely and neutrally as you can. Try to convert that nay-sayer into a yay-sayer.

Be sure you track your results and how much interaction you’re getting! How else will you know if you are being successful in your efforts and plan on how else you can improve? You’ll need as much data as you can get so you can adjust your strategy as needed.

Create great content! It’s often overlooked, but you need to have something to hook your audience, give them something so they will want to come back and interact with or follow you! Provide bits of your expertise or present entertaining content.

Read more detailed tips about using social media if you’re a new author at BookBaby.

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