How Customer Reviews Can Help Promote Your Book

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April 6, 2017
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April 6, 2017
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Many authors know the value of customer reviews. Positive reviews offer prospective readers a sort of “social proof” of why they should consider reading a book and why it may be worth their time. And of course, the more reviews a book has, the more encouragement a potential customer has to check it out. Trying to garner as many reviews as they can should be on the to do list of any author, especially indie authors. People need incentive to give indie books a try, so you’ll want to offer them that as much as possible.

People don’t just judge books by their cover anymore. The type of reviews and how many there are also factor into their impression and consideration of books now.

Even having a bunch of mixed reviews is better than having absolutely no reviews. After all, people are less likely to check out books that have none at all.

Read more about how useful customer reviews can be for you and how to go about procuring them at Booklife.

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