July 25

Why Crowdsourcing is Never A Good Idea

In these days of social media, we stay constantly connected one another. This connection is an amazing tool because it allows readers to feel like a part of the writing process. But sometimes this contact with readers can cause more trouble than it’s worth, especially when it comes to asking opinions. Yes, we’re talking about crowdsourcing your cover design. While it may seem like a good idea, you can’t (and won’t!) please everyone. All of those different voices are just going to make it harder to decide. Here’s why:

Readers Aren’t Behind the Scenes

The cover is the first thing people see on a book which means a lot of thought goes into it. When you crowdsource, everyone only sees the finished options you give them – they aren’t privy to the insider and background information that went into the cover design. If you’re stuck in the process  of understanding the vision behind the cover, ask! Your designer has a reason for the layout, and as an author, you should know it (especially since it has to do with genre and marketing). If you’re still in the development stage, try making your cover design ideas clear from the start. It helps to know what you want going in so you don’t have to struggle to make a decision later on.

We’re All on Different Pages

All of the people weighing in on your cover are going to be coming from different backgrounds and experiences, which gives everyone their own opinion. While they may enjoy your book later on as  readers, they do not reflect your book’s message. Everyone has different ideas and opinions, and while that makes them amazing and unique individuals, it doesn’t help you decide what is best for your book.

If you want to know more about crowdsourcing, check out Jane Friedman’s article on booklife.com.


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