July 13

Tips on Finding Your Book’s Audience


The first rule—and arguably the most important rule!!—of marketing is to always know who you are trying to market to. Whether it’s business owners, millennials, smartphone users, or families look to buy their first home, it’s good to envision specifics and/or demographics.

You should have an idea of who you want to buy and read your book as you begin writing it so you have in mind of who would find it most useful or enjoyable all throughout the writing process.

Knowing who your audience is will make it easier to tailor your book’s branding so it’s best optimized to appeal to them. You want to give your book the best shot to catch the eye of your ideal reader. It’s important to do research into what optimization of the title, content, cover, and images will most attract your audience.

While you may be targeting a particular audience, it’s also important to remember secondary audiences. Secondary audiences are the readers while whom may not be the main people you are trying to appeal to, they may also be interested in its subject matter. An example of this is parents looking into buying a book for their children. You may end up having several secondary audiences, so it is especially important to do research to extend the potential of your book.

Another great tip to find the audience you have narrowed down and identified is to find a similar book in the same subject because you no doubt will be having at least some of the same audience. Pinpointing the competing books will make it easier for you to target them.

Read more useful tips about attracting the right audience for your book at Ingram Spark’s blog.


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