July 26, 2015
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August 3, 2015

There’s so much going on in this day and age. A brief look at social media will show you—twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email, Imessage—that with so many platforms to connect and update, it’s near impossible avoid distraction while online. Similarly, on the publishing front, with the emergence of the online world, writers are gifted with so many more publishing options than they may know what to do with. So then, comes the most dire question: amidst all the publishing fronts out in the unknown world that is the internet, should you a) publish traditionally and relinquish many rights to your work, or b) hitch a ride on the self publishing front and control your own fate. Truth is, we are all human and we’ve never been much good at predicting the future (history has proven thus time and time again), so it’s hard to say whether or not your book will hit a lucky break. But wouldn’t you rather be, relatively, more in control of your book’s fate than leave it up to some corporations? In the scheme of things we can control, why not try and dictate the fate of your creation, rather than leave it in the hands of strangers in business suits. You could wait for years to get an ok from publishing firms to start printing your book. An even once it has been printed, more than half of the rights will belong to the publishing house. Is it worth it? That’s up to you.