July 26




In the summer, she wore racer back tanks and cargo shorts rolled up to her thighs—never tied her hair up even in 95 degree weather, like that night you strolled through Bryant park with her, catching glimpses of the film being shown at the outdoor film festival, but mostly catching glimpses of her. Her, She, This Woman who was more than any combination of colorful candy bars at the CVS check out counter, more than free beers at your local pub—she was here, and she was fidgeting with the strap of her DSL camera, then tracing her fingers along the condensation that accumulated on the skin of a water bottle. She was here, but she wouldn’t be in 7 months, when she would leave. So you count down marks on your calendar till the arrival of your joined expiration date. It’s inevitable, it’s a way of modern life. So why do so many people chose to pursue relationships with an expiration date?

Because it’s worth it. Because it’s better than being alone. Because once it’s over you’ll have some damn good stories to write about. Here’s the key to writing: focus on weird details. Talk about your friend’s habit of putting butter in his coffee, or the that girl who sharpie-d a star into her ankle every morning—mimicking the tattoo her parents never let her get. Focus on things that make your characters unique and SO quirky, then take it a step further. It makes your story more believable, and your characters more lovable. What happens at the end of this love story? I’m not sure—that’s up to you to finish.


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