January 31

Book Advertising Using BookBub Ads

Book advertising is one tricky tool available to authors to promote their books. It is vital to use it strategically, especially since advertising helps an author reach people beyond their readers.

A self-published author, typically, lacks the knowledge to make advertising decisions, especially if it’s their first book. (If you’re a new author, check out our article Book Marketing Mistakes to Avoid) Amazon and Facebook have popular advertising options. These options are promoted as the best way to advertise, even if you don’t know what you’re doing.

However, BookBub Ads is a new tool to consider, as well. The ads are very flexible in regards to budget, run time, and audience. They are available at anytime, appear at the bottom of BookBub’s ‘Featured Deal’ emails, and produce clicks and sales.

BookBub Ads and other types of advertising (such as Facebook and Amazon) are used to support an author’s book launch. This is a great place to start, especially since other options (such as print ads) can be costly and don’t promise success. When an author uses BookBub Ads, they target the book to readers who enjoy similar titles and genres. This gets it in front of the right audience. Plus, you don’t have to discount your book to qualify for BookBub Ads, although lower prices help drive sales.

Check out Jane Friedman’s article if you’re interested in learning more about BookBub Ads.


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