Summary: Start Chasing Nothing is a book written for people who want lasting happiness through the happenings of everyday life.

This book is a practical guide with techniques that will help you calm what disturbs you and return you to your inner source of wisdom and strength.

The three-step Formula and the Emergency List introduced in this book are transformative and easy to use anytime you need relief from the drama swirling around you. You’ll learn how to use the Formula to go inward to discover the source from which all happiness flows. The Emergency List helps you shift from turmoil to peace, one second at a time. These techniques help us simply turn our attention within, and be happy now, instead of chasing something that we think will give us fulfillment in the future.

It doesn’t matter if your life is ordinary or extraordinary. It doesn’t matter if you have a little money or a lot. The only thing you need is a desire to attain lasting inner peace and fulfillment. The Formula and Emergency List will help you be happy from the inside out, so you can stop relying on outside factors which will only keep you chasing but won’t give you lasting happiness and fulfillment.

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