Summary: Discover the tools to create more abundance, joy, fulfillment and happiness through easy to understand processes and routines!

The book you are holding in your hands will not only inspire you, it will also provides evidence that no matter where you have been or where you are right now, your future is based on your decisions, actions and beliefs.

Written using Accelerated Learning Techniques, The One Minute Coach is very easy to read and internalize. Each chapter is followed by specific action steps as well as engaging images - all designed to make your reading experience fun, memorable, practical and easy.

Based on proven and tested success principles and often used as a reference guide for a happier and more fulfilling life, The One Minute Coach is sure to be a welcome addition to virtually any personal or professional library.

Reviews for The One Minute Coach:

"This is a powerful, practical book, loaded with great ideas you can use to get better results in every area." --Brian Tracy, Best-selling author and top speaker on personal and professional development

"Just think, the book you now hold in your hand could transform your life...forever. So don't let life pass you by; take control of your destiny, make the most of the future and discover what The One Minute Coach can do for you..." --Cary Johnston, Award-winning BBC news correspondent

"If you want to feel good about yourself - if you want to change your life- now - you owe it to yourself to get THE ONE MINUTE COACH - Get it today- don't wait!" --Rick Frishman, best-selling author, publisher and founder of Planned Television Arts

"Masha is surfing the leading edge of the wave of new and exciting discoveries of the unlimited potential of the human mind." --Dr. Bill Gould, Founder of Transformational Thinking and the author of Champions of Change

"In this day and time, there are many people who are facing trying times, but it is amazing how we can change our reality and our future by applying the points Masha Malka gives us in this power packed book." --Nikki Leigh, award winning author & publicist

"Masha's hard-won experiences and words of truth will be the catalyst to help you be the very best you can be." --Peter Thomson, Leading UK strategist on business and personal growth

"Masha Malka is living proof of what can happen if human potential is allowed to express itself. This is a book that you can either read from cover to cover, or better yet, dip into whenever you have a few moments, so it is one for the briefcase as well as the bedside table. Highly recommended." --Richard G. Petty, MD, author of Healing, Meaning and Purpose

"The One Minute Coach is a great book for busy parents, executives and even kids! Read it today and see yourself in a much better place one minute from now!" --David L. Hancock, Founder of Morgan James Publishing

"Reading even a few pages in the morning and evening will set the tone for a life filled with more success." --Kathleen Gage, The Street Smarts Marketer

"If you're open to having success be simple, The One Minute Coach makes a great guide and companion." --Andrea Conway, The Law of Attraction success coach for small business owners

"The One Minute Coach delivers a powerful confidence boost and inspires us to change our lives one minute at a time. The format is uncomplicated, as are the fundamental principles we need to follow before we can lead." --Cindy Barnes, Event organizer and founder of the Grapevine Club, Marbella, Spain

"If you think you have issues you need to deal with read this book to put things into perspective. There is always a way to improve and get through things. The One Minute Coach helps you do that. With simple steps you can take after every chapter, you are sure to build a great plan for success!" --Jessica V. Psalidas, Author of Everlasting Purity

"This is a truly inspirational book, very easy to read. It will improve your life and your thinking." --Ian Medina, International consultant in emerging economies

"This transformational book is a minute-by-minute true guide and incredible motivator that any person, anywhere in the world, can take an action towards improvement." --Rick Yarosh, Professor at the University and founder of PA Surgical Inc.

"Love the book! The format is very effective, short, sweet... and it just gets you thinking versus lots of heavy stuff..." --Leslie Moore, CEO of EquiUnity, Ebenezer, Australia

ISBN: 9781938015984

Publication date:July 16, 2018

Page count: 144

List price: $9.95

Formats available: paperback

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