Summary: Understanding the growing Latino community is one of the keys to success for every marketer, politician and corporation in the United States. And that is exactly what the Hispanic marketing book, Latino Boom II delivers - an in-depth view of the Latino effect on culture, politics and business. It is the perfect primer for anybody who needs to get smart about the Hispanic consumer, pronto!

This Hispanic marketing book is concisely written and full of data about the growing Latino community. In fact, leaders in Hispanic marketing are calling Latino Boom II "the essential guide to marketing to Hispanics in the United States." Beyond the mind-boggling numbers, this book gives readers insights on how to approach the unique Latino consumer with important information on best-in-class organizational structures for marketing departments, Hispanic advertising best-practices -- including a roadmap to Total Market Strategy -- and invaluable information on the importance of Hispanic culture in America, Latino identity, language usage and how it affects media consumption. Latino Boom II helps marketers understand the impact the Hispanic community is already having in the United States and shows them how to capitalize on their Hispanic opportunity in order to get a fair share of Hispanic buying power which is expected to exceed $1.3 Trillion by 2014.

ISBN: 9781937504519

Publication date: March 25, 2013

Page count: 294

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