Summary: Electric power and the evolution of utilities fueled the growth of industrialization and the incredible innovation of the 20th century by allowing companies to focus on what they where best at rather than the generation and management of power. That's exactly what's happening today as an almost unimaginable abundance of data is moving into the cloud where it will fuel the revolution in artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, most people are still using an industrial age lens, built on the economics of scarcity, to view the opportunities that the cloud creates for a future of limitless data; it's the equivalent of trying to compete using waterwheels to power a modern factory. The Bottomless Cloud challenges the scarcity-driven mindset by taking a hard look at how industrial age business models are failing us by regarding data as a commodity and a cost that needs to be constrained, rather than an near infinite resource that can be mined to build entirely new sources of value and insight. From Uber, to Nike, to Netflix, The Bottomless Cloud is defining the tenets of success in the 21st Century by changing the way we view data, from being a byproduct of business to a foundational driver of radically new business models. On the heels of his Amazon bestselling book Revealing The Invisible, 11 time author Tom Koulopoulos has teamed up with his long time colleague and serial entrepreneur David Friend to provide business leaders with a clear and straightforward understanding of the incredible power of the cloud and data abundance; it's an entirely new way to think about the value and the role of data in building tomorrow's enterprise. Written in a way that is easy to follow, The Bottomless Cloud provides a compelling vision of a future in which data abundance will alter nearly every aspect of how we live, work, and play.

ISBN: 9781948181389

Publication date: January 15th, 2019

Page count: 98

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