The Secret of the Light

by Rabbi Daniel Cohen


In the face of tragedy and torn between the pressure of his father and the temptations of a mysterious woman, Caleb Uriel is unanchored and lost. Caleb is a budding young lawyer and observant Jew in the 1980s in New York City who struggles with his faith and direction in life. The sudden death of his mother awakens an inner earthquake and reveals the fragile nature of his beliefs.

A chance meeting with a street sweeper and hidden mystic named Elijah in Times Square, though, proves to be the spark to set him on a path for personal discovery and renewal. Elijah reveals to Caleb the existence of an ancient document, The Secret of the Light, whose substance and relevance can only be discovered through a journey to Israel and the power of Caleb’s choices.

Through the halls of a high powered New York Law Firm, the cobble stones street of Safed and much more, Caleb learns as do we the timeless principles of the light and how we all possess the power to reignite our inner light and share it with the world. He discovers that loved ones are ever present and an ancient and timeless road map to restore his faith and ours in God, ourselves and humanity and that no time, person or place is devoid of God’s light.

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Popular motivator, mentor, and inspirational speaker, Rabbi Daniel Cohen’s unique blend of authenticity, humor, wisdom, and insight helps anyone better navigate contemporary society and lead a life of legacy. Rabbi Cohen has served in the rabbinate for over twenty years and currently serves as senior Rabbi at Congregation Agudath Sholom in Stamford, CT, the largest modern orthodox synagogue in New England. Rabbi Cohen is author What Will They Say About You When You Are Gone? Creating a Life of Legacy. He is co-host with Reverend Greg Doll of the nationally syndicated Radio Show, The Rabbi and the Reverend and writes for the Huffington Post Blog and is a Bottom Line Inc. Expert. He enjoys doing magic shows, playing sports, writing, searching for God, and living life with joy and ever-present smile! Rabbi Cohen and Diane are the grateful parents of six daughters. For more information about Rabbi Cohen visit


ISBN: 9781946928306
Publication date: December 1, 2022
Page count: 142
List price: $14.99
Formats available: paperback and eBook

This is the kind of book you finish and immediately want to share with everyone you know, yet you just can't part with your copy as you want to keep it on your bookshelf to read again and again. Regardless of your religion or observance level, through Rabbi Cohen's insightful storytelling, you will learn how to better navigate love, loss, and all of the big and small decisions in your life. The Secret of The Light is a gift that reminds us that every moment provides a choice. Choosing to read this book is one way to shine your light and brighten the world around you.

Melissa Weinstock


The Secret of the Light is a small book with a big message, and if its message is taken to heart, it can transform not only your life but also those with whom you come into contact. Why are we here? Why do we go through our tribulations? These are questions we all ask, and The Secret of the Light can help in our quest to answer these existential thoughts. I recommend this book with no hesitation and much excitement; the book is an easy-to-understand, inspiring read.

Mark Breiner

An Inspiring Message

If I could add more stars for the beautiful takeaways from Rabbi Cohen's book, I would do just that. So many of his messages have served as a beacon for how I want to live each day. Reveal the Light in Every moment is one that guides me like a compass and helps me find clarity and purpose in all the important relationships in my life... with myself, with others, and with God.


Reveal the Light in Every Moment

The Secret of Light takes the reader on an inspirational journey with many lessons shared. I highly recommend it for those who are seeking greater depth of their life’s purpose.

judy jacobson

A Spiritual Gem

I have just finished reading the most spiritual book I have read in a very long time. It is The Secret of the Light by Rabbi Daniel Cohen. The book is written in the format of a novel and I must admit I didn't expect it to hit me the way it did! It talks about coping with loss and the choice we have in how to live our life after a loss. I finished reading the book a few minutes ago and know that I will have to read it again to further digest parts that I am sure I missed! Consider reading the book yourself, I think you will be happy that you read it!

Lorraine Kweskin

If you are looking for a spiritual lift for this very special time of year...

Rabbi Cohen‘s fictional account of life events as seen through the eyes of the protagonist became an interesting exploration of my own. The book could’ve been a quick read, but it was so inspiring that a slow reading was called for. The message “brought home” is that nothing in our lives is by chance, though much of it we may not understand until time has passed and perhaps not at all. Nonetheless, we have the ability to uncover a G-d given light within ourselves and others, giving our every moment on this planet true meaning. A great read.

Alan Shanker

Who doesn’t need more light?? Great book!!

If you're like me and ever wondered, just what are we doing here? You need to read this book. It is a wonderful quick read that is best served by being read over and over again. Rabbi Cohen draws from his own personal experiences including creating "Elijah" moments wherever he goes. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, this book is a must read. Spread the Light! David R

David Rothberg

Morgan James Publishing

This is a quick read that you can’t put down. So many insights on so many levels, you can really see the meaning of the Secret of the Light. Rabbi Cohen really hits a home run with this book. I highly recommend it.

Scott M.

Great meaningful story!

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