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May 19th and 20th, 2023

Read on if you want to…

  • Gain More Confidence to Put Yourself Out There
  • Get More Clarity and Direction About Your Vision
  • Be More Energized to Finish what You Started

The vast majority of aspiring authors can’t get their book done.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons Why…

  • 1. You put too much pressure on yourself
  • Stress is a creativity killer, so when you’re stressed out and anxious about finishing your book it sabotages your progress. I see this all the time.
  • 2. You’re all over the place
  • You’re unclear on the idea, direction, and overarching message of your story.  The harder you try to gain clarity, the more confused you get.
  • 3. You don’t want to fail
  • This is a biggie. So many frustrated authors want to make sure that all the work they put into the book won’t be for nothing.
    They’re thinking too far ahead, imagining the worst outcomes, so they stop trying.

  • This fear is keeping you stuck in the dangerous status quo, where it’s too comfortable, where no work is done, and where nothing ever happens.

But here’s the thing…

  • Your Story Deserves to Be Told!
  • Your ideas are solid. The world is waiting to benefit from what you have to say.

  • Deep down you know it's true.

  • The Big Leap Retreat will help you get you MUCH closer to getting your important message out to the masses in the most efficient and successful way possible.

  • This powerful 2-day intensive will rekindle your spark and give you the guidance you’ve been seeking.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at What You Will Discover:

  • Unleash your Big Idea.
  • If you’re like most aspiring authors, your Big Idea is just out of reach. You can sense it, but you can’t quite put it into words. The Big Leap Retreat will give you the clarity you need to draw out your Big Idea, which will open your creative floodgates.
  • Karen's easy four step formula to map out a bestselling book in a weekend.
  • Speed is good. It gives you momentum. It shakes out the cobwebs in your mind. It gets you in the zone. You will learn the proven, step-by-step mapping method that I normally reserve for my best clients.
  • Create your 2-minute pitch.
  • This is huge. You will craft a 2-minute pitch that will have prospective publishers sit up and take notice. Includes: a summary of who your book is for, what it’s all about and the problem it solves. 
  • Present your pitch to a panel of experts.
  • Once you have your 2-minute pitch you will present it to an A-List panel of movers and shakers that I’ll be bringing together for the Retreat.

  • This includes:
     - an event planner
     - a publisher
     - a publicist
     - a literary agent

    …and other industry insiders who will give you potentially life changing feedback on your 2-minute pitch that most authors never receive.

The Big Leap Retreat will give you the clarity, confidence, and direction you need to finally get your book across the finish line.

As you’re reading this you’re probably ALREADY feeling better about getting your book done and out there.

And your investment is just $97 (this is against the advice of my colleagues, but I don’t want price to be a barrier for you).

  • WARNING: The February Big Leap Retreat was SOLD OUT!
    So now is the time to take action!

If you are an author or an aspiring author attending Karen Strauss's Big Leap Retreat is a must on your part. The content presented during Big Leap Retreat was outstanding. Presenting book pitches to panelists was one of the highlights as it brought so much clarity and confidence. 

The whole retreat was nicely organized with enough time for us to ask questions to Karen and the team. Karen Strauss is one of the few gems of publishers who truly care about their authors and go the extra mile. In an instance during the retreat, my internet shut down suddenly and I was immediately contacted by Karen & her team if I am doing fine.

This tells me so much about the extent of care and support Karen & her team do for their authors. That small gesture is truly a differentiator that will make me come back again & again to be in Karen's world

Molika Gupta

Keynote Speaker, Transformational Coach for Immigrant Women, Patent Licensing Consultant

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What People Said After Attending The Big Leap Retreat

In the Big Leap Retreat with Karen Strauss my next book went from an idea to a great title, outline for 8 chapters, and key talking points to help me speak to and reach my target audience. If you're looking to fast track getting your book done and out to the world I highly recommend Karen Strauss and her expert team.

Barbara Edie

Bestselling Author and Intuitive Consultant

What an amazing experience. I came into the event feeling unclear about what it takes to write a book. By the end of the retreat, Karen had me believing that not only can I do it, but that it won’t be that hard to do! It was very apparent that Karen and her team have a well-honed process that helps even a novice become an author

Susan Trumpler

Founder & CEO of Unstoppable Women in Sales

I think I have a book (or 10) within me waiting to be written.' If you have heard something similar inside your own mind, stepping into Hybrid Global’s Writer’s Workshop is a high-value experience that has helped me settle the thinking part and move into more of what the book(s) will look like!

Karen shares a true ‘manifesting’ process, blending learning, listening, and leading. Thank you Karen, Claudia, and Sara for this weekend!

Tricia Murray

Director/CMO - Light on Marketing

In all my years in business, I’ve engaged many coaches to help me achieve my goals, but none of them compare to working with Karen Strauss. I hired Karen to coach me around my efforts to promote my new books and to relaunch my own coaching business and was blown away by her insight and wisdom. 

She helped me drill down to identify my best streams of revenue and how to maximize my time and energy so I could get my ‘biggest bang for the buck.’ Karen is a gifted coach and just a delightful person to work with. I can’t wait to work with her to publish my next book!

CJ Scarlet

Best Selling Author of Badass Parenting and Heroic Parenting

About Karen

Karen Strauss has worked in publishing for more than thirty years and has held management and marketing positions at major publishing houses, including The Free Press, Crown, Random House, and Avon.

Karen founded Hybrid Global Publishing in 2011 to help authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs get their message out by writing and publishing a book. She offers publishing, distribution, and marketing services for organizations and individual authors. Karen is the author of Book Publishing for Entrepreneurs: Top Secrets from a New York Publisher and offers an online course called Publishing 101: Your Complete Guide from Idea to Published Author.

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