Leading with Ease

by Lisa Wilson


The way our world changes now we need leaders with solid roots. Roots that create a solid and strong foundation but allows us to sway with changing technologies and world views.

Lisa Wilson has experienced the joy of having amazing leaders and the discouragement of trying to follow leaders who didn’t have roots. In Leading with Ease, she shares the roots to create a solid foundation for yourself and your team. The deeper the roots, the more confidence you will have in your role and the more cohesive and motivated your team will be. As a unit you will achieve heights you never imagined.

The Author:

Lisa Wilson is a Leadership Vision Coach and Human Resources Cultural consultant. Her passion is teaching Leaders in medium and small business to effectively lead their teams by creating exceptional workplace cultures. Witnessing the impact of both poor and great leadership, she now devotes herself to coaching leaders so their teams can experience the excellence they deserve. With 20 years of experience and training, she is set up to fast track you to become the leader you want to be. Lisa knows that great leaders can take their teams to amazing heights, and she invites you to find out how. 


ISBN: 978-1-957013-54-1
Publication date: December 5th, 2022
Page count: 125
List price: $
Formats available: paperback and eBook

Leading with Ease: Creating a solid foundation for your leadership role by Lisa Wilson is a growth guide for those in or chasing leadership roles. The book breaks strong leadership down to its four roots: knowing yourself, your destination, your role, and how to discuss the tough stuff as a leader. It ends by putting it all together with stories as examples.
Being a leader is something you get better at, and I’ve noticed myself getting less nervous when put in those roles. However, being a good leader means putting that confidence to good use. Or else you’re a leader with no followers, and just taking a walk. I think the chapter on knowing my destination was most helpful to me in understanding my areas of growth.


Strengthen roots

This book is a short read but one that’s inspiring and which provides useful information. Lisa Wilson, the author, has a very good background knowledge about leadership and this knowledge is shown in this book. I liked the fact that the author aims at helping us create solid roots for our team, something I think is fundamental so that any project can grow efficiently.
I think this is a book with foundations, so it is easy to trust its information. I found the points discussed to be interesting and useful, at least for my role at work. I think it is a good book and for this reason I recommend it to everyone who’s in a leadership position.

Mia C.

Best-selling author and feature writer for Reader’s Digest

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