Summary: Your Vitamins are Obsolete reveals the secret of why your multi-vitamins don’t work as advertised. Did you know the synthetic B-vitamins found in supplements cannot be absorbed well, or converted into the bioactive forms cells use? Even other vitamins can’t work well if there is not enough of the naturally occurring B forms called vitamers—e.g. if you have low B-vitamers, extra vitamin D won’t prevent osteoporosis. Learn how the naturally occurring, essential vitamers DO work and WHY, and start on your pathway to healthy living and longevity today!

Your Vitamins are Obsolete provides information on:

• Vaccinations are less effective when vitamer B levels are deficient.
• B vitamers taken by vegans and vegetarians can actually maximize the benefits of their dietary choices and reduce their fertility difficulties.
• Regular use of B vitamers decreases red meat craving, promoting personal health and ecologic benefits.
• Chronic inflammation which contributes to most causes of illness and death can be reduced by B vitamers.



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