Yo Bro: Strive Toward Excellence by Dr. Nay


Manhood, brotherhood, and Black Lives Matter are all topics of interest to any young man. The motivational poetry and self-reflective journaling of Yo Bro: Strive Toward Excellence will help teenage boys determine how they want to show up in their community... and the world.

During these unfortunate times of racial turbulence and the unveiling of devastating societal inequities, such as economic, educational and health disparities, young people require social-emotional guidance to cognitively process what is unraveling around them in their community, country and world. More than ever, it is crucial that young adults of color are provided with the encouragement to understand their individual cultural being, and to facilitate their thinking processes about their stance on social justice issues like Black Lives and school violence. As an African American woman, mother of two successful adult sons, and college professor with 30+ years of experience as a literacy and cultural diversity educator, it is my responsibility to serve as a role model and mentor for young people.Yo Bro: Strive Toward Excellence is written in a unique approach that fuses my three roles into a meaningful, entertaining, and educational experience for young men of color. Through my thought-provoking poetry, I aim to reinforce my teen readers' self-confidence, explore their culture, and empower them to address the injustices that they are passionate as budding social activists. To enhance comprehension, I have incorporated literacy strategies, such as journaling after each poem and end-of-chapter graphic organizers to encourage readers to make intrinsic connections and examine their authentic ideas about real-life topics. Also, inspirational quotes of renown men of color are integrated to further emphasize these relevant concepts.A parallel book, "Sistah Girl: Step Into Your Greatness" is available for girls.

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"Dr. Nay" Renee M. White is a motivational poet and a full professor at St. Joseph's University in New York. Dr. Nay has taught teacher education for over twenty-five years, specializing in literacy and cultural diversity. Prior, she was an elementary teacher and reading specialist. Dr. Nay earned her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership at the University of Virginia. She acquired her master's degree in Reading Specialist from CUNY-Brooklyn College, and a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from New York University. She is an avid proponent of equity and equality. Her previous book publication, "Embrace Your Power" advocates women's empowerment. Dr. Nay also published a parallel book, "Sistah Girl: Step Into Your Greatness" that is available for girls.


ISBN: 9781957013435
Publication date: August 11, 2022
Page count: 68
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Thank you for writing an amazing book for our young boys o empower them to learn how to be gentle and how to build confidence!.

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