September 6

Writing a Great Author Bio

The author’s bio on the back cover of a book or on the book’s Amazon page can be a compelling tool in convincing people to buy your book. The author bio works in conjunction with the book description, book reviews, as well as your snappy title in grabbing potential readers’ attention. Therefore, it’s crucial you plan thought into it and plan out what you need to include into that 100 word summary of yourself.

Before you get started writing your bio, you need to consider what your book is about. The “personality” of your author bio should reflect what your book is about. If your book is about accounting and taxes, maybe your bio shouldn’t have a kooky tone that could potentially dissolve any professionalism you’ve established or trying to establish in your book (unless of course, you’re trying to write a kooky accounting book on taxes, then go right ahead).

Next, you need to consider who you’re writing your book for and why they would be appealed by your description. You’ll either want to establish yourself as an expect on the topic if your book is a nonfiction book (if you are a kooky accountant, where did you get your certifications and which ones do you have?) or portray yourself as someone with a unique voice that needs to be heard. But don’t do both. Never both. You may run the risk of overwhelming people reading your bio and turn them off completely from your book.

You to make absolute sure the tone of your bio accurately reflects what you’re trying to go for with your book.

Read more helpful tips on writing your author bio at the Kindlepreneur.


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