When’s Daddy Coming Home

by Peter Margetts and John Cookson


Peter Margetts was a successful property developer in Dubai when the city-state's economy collapsed sending his company into bankruptcy. Post-dated cheques he'd written to investors were worthless. Along with hundreds of other businessmen, including Americans, he was arrested under Dubai's draconian cheque laws and thrown into Central Jail with a life sentence. Locked up with hardened criminals from all over the world he struggled to survive in a world of drug warlords and mafia bosses.

But Peter was no quitter and whilst making friends with gangsters, witnessing a murder and a firing squad execution, he went on hunger strike to bring his plight to world attention. Peter's case was even raised in the British Parliament.Gripping and powerful, When's Daddy Coming Home? is also brutally funny and a painful insight into Dubai few know...or talk about. .

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The Author:

Peter Margetts is a self-made millionaire who rose from humble, working-class roots to establish a property development company in Dubai.

After almost nine years' incarceration in Dubai Central Jail he is now free.

John Cookson is an award-winning journalist who began his career in Fleet Street and afterwards spent 30 years as a senior correspondent at Sky News, Fox News, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg Television, Euronews and African start-up Arise News.

He is also a qualified lawyer.


ISBN: 9781951943752
Publication date: September 22, 2021
Page count: 235
List price: $13.99
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A gripping true story, Peter how you came through this is is an inspiration to all humans..
Finished reading in 2 days.. My heart goes out to you.. MOT..

Jay Patel

Am amazing read, truly gripping from start to finish.

When’s Daddy Coming Home? I couldn’t put it down. Peter’s extraordinary tale brings to mind the old saying, “there but for the grace of God go us all” ...

This is a interesting read about Peter and his time in a Dubai Prison, from start to finish each page was gripping.

Jack davey

Great read.

A true story that from the moment I started to read, I could not put the book down, this story has everything and takes you on a journey of humour, happiness, bravery, and sadness.


Gripping Story

Enjoyed reading this book I was friends many years ago with the author Peter Margetts

t quillan

Very interesting real life book

A Fantastic read . Gripped all the way through.

Andy Shires


Started this book as I had heard quite a lot about Peter and I couldn't put it down. Very heart wrenching. Wishing Peter all the best MOT

amanda Ibison

Fantastic Read

This book was brought to my attention by someone who knows the Author and "Victim" In fact it was co-authored, and the writing and descriptive qualities are good. In fact the whole book was a pleasant surprise, it was a page turner, which was not to be expected of someone's 9 Year spell in prison. So would I recommend it, a resounding Yes.

David Crombie

A good read

What can I say...
Such a well written book.
Made me both laugh and cry
Your strength is amazing
Hope you and your family stay well .
Not sure I could have lasted as long as you.
All the best .

Susan Fraser

Susan fraser Aberdeen

What a great read! Having been at the sharp end of a similar Gulf country, Peter Margetts sad, factual and joyous account brought home the same memories.
Memories of a medieval society with a draconian legal system. A must read Brilliantly written

Andrew Jameson

A great book!!

It’s a must, you won’t be disappointed

Phil Brown

Fantastic Read

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