January 19

What Should Be Included in Your Book Promotional Strategy


Your book marketing strategy should be well thought out and as strategically planned as a battle. It technically is, as it is a battle to both try to get the word out about your book and to convince people to buy it.

While indie authors who coordinate their own marketing strategies may be at a disadvantage since they are most likely not marketing experts, there are proven elements of book marketing strategies that have been part of many successful campaigns. Make sure you seriously consider these elements in your own and do the research on just how effective they can be for you!

Author websites! An absolute must in today’s age of the internet. You need some kind of landing page where you can direct people to where there is information about you, where you are on social networks, some information to build buzz about your book and where they can buy it.

Have a blog. Not so much a necessity but something many authors find a cornerstone in their marketing campaigns. Keeping a regular blog updated with content is a great way to drive people into discovering you and what you have to say. It’s a great way to introduce people to the idea of your book and establish that elusive audience!

Maintain an online presence on social media! Arguably the best way to build your brand as an author, interacting with others on the internet will vastly expand your reach and the number of possible people who might buy your book!

Read more about what you should make sure to include in your book marketing strategy at IngramSpark’s blog.


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