July 13



When you were younger, in your teens, perhaps you went through an acne phase, where marks of instable adolescent hormones drew crop-circle -like scars around your face. Or perhaps you had a pair of thin-wire framed glasses that were just a little too rectangular. Needless to say, I’m sure those weren’t your glory days, and that upon reflecting back, they were tinted with a lovely shade of self doubt (or perhaps self pity). But while it is ok to occasionally delve into periods of self doubt when looking into mirrors, it is best to leave those tendencies at bay when making art. In the case of that latter, “the worst enemy to creativity is self doubt.” Trust that what you are creating is good, if not great, and if not remember that there is always room to re-attempt—to begin again. Just don’t cross the thin threshold between confidence and arrogance, as many writers seem to succumb to the fate of excessive self doubt or excessive hubris. Find a middle ground, between the trenches, a place that has yet to be depleted by the wounds of bullets fired from either sides and begin your writing there.


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