Voices of the 21st Century: Conscious, Caring Women Who Make a Difference by Gail Watson


50 extraordinary women come together to celebrate a new era.

When we open our hearts to the world and lead with empathy, we are unstoppable. In the fifth edition of Voices of the 21st Century, we shine the spotlight on inspiring women who are transforming the lives of those around them through loving dedication and compassion.

Through sharing their personal struggles and challenges, these brave women reimagine the boundaries of what is possible and come to the conclusion that the potential of their influence on the world is limitless.

Whether it's paying it forward, overcoming negativity, building a business in service, or sharing their personal and financial empowerment tips, we come to see the larger picture of disseminating care, love, and kindness to change the world. The world you are meant to serve is waiting for you.

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Gail Watson is president and founder of Women Speakers Association (WSA), the go-to place for innovative leaders, change-agents, andwomen with a message to connect, collaborate, and grow their visibility worldwide in order to fulfill their mission. As the first-ever globalcommunity for women speakers, WSA provides a platform for women to get seen, booked, and paid AND be part of a growing network reaching women in 120 countries.


ISBN: 978-1957013084
Publication date: March 8, 2022
Page count: 220
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What a compilation of stories and lessons. Experiences as vast as the differences found between the women who wrote chapter. Each chapter is a chronicle into each of these women lives telling us of their story but, each one converged into a lesson they hope to convey of hope and growth. Truly, a chapter or even chapters where you will feel like you are looking into a mirror of your own life.

Voices of the 21st Century: Conscious Caring Women Who Make a Difference is filled with wisdom for all who seek it. Women with valuable perspective gained from experience and life lessons, share their thoughts and tools for success.

Voices of the 21st Century: Conscious, Caring Women Who Make a Difference by Gail Watson, Founder and CEO of Women Speakers Association, is a book that surprised me from the very beginning.

Voices of the 21st Century: Conscious, Caring Women Who Make a Difference by Gail Watson is a women business and biography type of book. It is a really unique perspective for a book as it includes the personal experiences, challenges, and accomplishments of fifty individual women. It felt so inspiring to read from their perspective; it felt authentic and relatable. I felt a connection to each and every one of those women, and more importantly than that, I felt empowered by their stories and how they overcame their struggles in this world. Overall, I feel so moved, and I would recommend this book to all women.

As I read Zan's "Caring Exchange" poem, it felt like an amazing and tasty appetizer, exciting my senses and preparing me as to what was to come regarding the upcoming feast of goodies and nibbles of knowledge set at a lovely table just for me.

Such an inspirational and empowering book filled with stories from women who are making a difference in the world by sharing their gifts!

Voices of the 21st Century: Conscious, Caring Women Who Make a Difference is a beautiful anthology in the literal sense of the word. This "collection of flowers" gives bloom to the introspective and at the same time extrospective experiences and writings of 50 unique women of all ages and walks of life. Their insight ranges from practical advice from Sandra Ateca on how to de-clutter our physical and mental space, to Kate Chambati's testament to the necessity of sisterhood to transform lives, to Zaneta Varnado Johns' letter to her younger self which will have you nodding in agreement with her as you recognize yourself in shared feelings and experiences and come away with her advice to her younger self, and to you, tucked away in your heart.

These stories offer extraordinary examples of women healing with their conscious and caring energy and experiences. In this time of differences, these women highlight universal concepts and great wisdom which I appreciate so much.

I feel like this is one of those magical books where you can let it fall open to a page and discover a brave or uplifting or challenging or heart-warming story.

Voices From the 21st Century: Conscious, Caring Women Who Make a Difference is a collection of inspiring and phenomenal stories that promote - decision making, collaboration, diversity, tenacity, resilience, compassion for self and others, leadership, initiative, self-awareness, creative thinking, motivation, philanthropy and following your heart. Each vignette is a gem in itself but bound together they are a force that will propel you forward. This book will pull you up and lift you to a higher plane and give you the courage to be the best version of yourself. These authors believe that everyone has a story and that your story could be the key that unlocks someone else's door to a better world!

Annette's story is a documentary of what powerful people do as they climb their mountains to summit in their purpose. They observe, adjust, and stay disciplined to what their mind, body and Spirit share. Even with food. ESPECIALLY with food!!

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