by Dannella Burnett


This book shares the keys to speaking up, speaking out, and finding victory through strategic visibility. The authors you’ll be introduced to in these pages are taking calculated risks, making strategic moves, and making a living speaking from their hearts. You might call them the difference-makers or truth-tellers of their industries. Whether you want to reach the unreachable, influence the affluent, or even heal the hurting in a big way, you can’t afford to be the world’s best-kept secret. You must take massive amounts of action and put in the work that will eventually win over the hearts and heads of every audience. - From the Foreword by David T. Fagan, Former CEO of Guerilla Marketing.

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Dannella Burnett has been in the hospitality and special events industries since the age of sixteen. The owner of Encore Elite Events and Speakers Need To Speak, Dannella is a creative force who believes in multiple streams of income, collaboration, and always finding the win-win-win combination!


ISBN: 978-1951943448
Publication date: March 8, 2021
Page count: 128
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"VISIBILITY: Success Stories From Elite Leaders Making an Impact From the Stage" is truly one of those books that aim to inspire. The leaders in it share about the risks they took to get to where they are now and the strategies they implemented to pave the path from their beginnings to present..

What inspiring stories, what compassionate thought leaders! This is truly an amazing action packed guide for people who are ready to step into their purpose! This isn’t a book of fluff. I can personally attest to experiencing the difference between working with someone who does branding vs someone who lives branding. The chapter from Rich Kozak shows you the difference clear as day!

Business coaching is in vogue nowadays since it paves the way for success. This book deals with this topic through the vision of 26 renowed entrepreneurs who give their own pieces of advice to succeed in our work lives.

As I grew to know Rich, I soon saw he is a rare person, indeed. Rich's not only has the uncanny ability to understand what my business was all about, but the ability to transform what I do. Even more amazing is his skill at articulating in fresh, new language what was once a mundane business (financial services) to one where people could now see opportunities they didn't know they could have and futures they didn't know they could live. Rich has truly transformed my business from a "sales" business to one operated by people with servant's hearts.

The AMAZINGness that lives in this book is unheard of. So many influential leaders that are making a difference in the world. You can never say enough about Dannella bringing this spotlight front and center. Rich Kozak says it best, "live in a world where conversation meets connectedness." Extremely influential as many navigate these changing times. I appreciate books like this and will definitely be recommending among my vast network of connections!

This book, full of real life stories and advice from accomplished business women does a deep dive into what it means to get visibility. Strategic visibility is something everyone in business today desperately needs but tends to be a deep seated fear that stops people cold. This book leads you to the realization that you CAN get out there and be seen, be heard, and achieve!

A group of 26 well known and world renown entrepreneurs come together in this book to give their own words to success. From Daniella Burnett, Brigette Callahan, Dorothy Husen, to Louie Sharp, Jase Souder and Victor Vento. All of these and more have their own chapter where they give advice on speaking out, standing up, how to become a gifted leader, fixing mistakes in your management and even how to say yes!

VISIBILITY: Success Stories from Elite Leaders Making an Impact from the Stage by Dannella Burnett in this book, the author, that is the owner of Encore Elite Events & Speakers Need To Speak writes about her bast experience because through her connections a lot of money has been generated and a lot of lives have been touched, so yes, the book is about how to gain visibility, and make it an important tool of your business, by speaking, there are so many things that can change just by saying the write things, you can give plenty of visibility to your business and make it change for just another to something special. Great concept and an excellent way of presenting the material. Highly recommended

If you're starting in business or if you've been in business for some time, and need a refresher, this is a good place to start. Tapping into the knowledge that others have taken the time to learn is my favorite way to do business. I've got enough things to learn so I appreciate the shortcut to knowledge that this book offers. If I wasn't clear in my review I give this two thumbs up.

What a book! From the cover to the very good narrative comprised in just a few pages, Visibility, by author Burnett, is a very good read. What I liked the most about this read is that readers can grasp many different voices in the narrative; we can enrich from the experience and teaching of different authors. It is well written and complete. The narrative is clear and leaves you thinking a lot. I liked that. The keys shared here are really interesting to put into practice.
I will certainly recommend reading it because I found it really useful.

Hits the spot - well edited and put together, with good insights from many of the entrepreneurs in the book; perhaps more insights into how to get hired as speaker would be nice, but otherwise highly recommended

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