August 31

Using Amazon Author Central to Market Books

Are you using Amazon Author Central?

If you haven’t used Amazon’s feature for authors called Author Central, you may be doing yourself and your books a huge disservice.  Using Amazon Author Central may seem difficult at first but authors will find it to be a crucial element in their book marketing plans.

Amazon has worked hard to fully ingrain itself into the book publishing industry. Especially if you considering the services it offers to independent authors to help get them on a level playing field with traditionally published authors. Amazon therefore offers many great resources to these indie authors who may not be taking advantage of them.

They may not understand how to use these special features or, unfortunately, they may not even know about them. Using Amazon Author Central may have a bit of a learning curve, but the direct one-on-one connection it gives authors to their customers is too priceless to miss out on.

What is Amazon Author Central?

Author Central is a tool that simplifies statistics and marketing for authors. It gives authors the opportunity to customize their author pages, which links up directly to their book. If set up successfully with your information and details, potential customers who are browsing your book can check out your website and follow you on social media.

If you don’t have an author website, your Author Central page is your next best bet to use as a hub to keep your readers in your orbit and follow you around.

Author Central also gives authors direct access to track their sales for free. Even if you have the basics of your author page set up, you may find it invaluable for that alone.

If used effectively, Author Central has been known to help promote books, businesses, or author platforms in general. Have you discovered what Author Central can do for you?

Read more on Amazon’s guide on how to use your Author Central page. To check out even more tips on how to maximize your author central page’s effectiveness, check out our article here.


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