Unleash your inner CEO

by Linda Jordon


Are you ready to transform your aspirations into a thriving business? In Unleash Your Inner CEO, you'll embark on a pivotal journey that will help pave the way toward business independence. With this book as your guide, you will be able to:

  • Uncover the “why” that propels you forward.

  • Align your personal goals with your business vision.

  • Formulate a comprehensive plan to lead you toward your goals.

  • Make accountability your ally.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or taking your first steps into the business world, Dr. Linda R. Jordan’s insights, practical tools, and inspirational stories will inspire you to create your own business success.

The Author:

Dr. Linda R Jordon is a highly sought after international speaker, leadership expert, coach, trainer and author. With over 30 years of professional leadership, Dr. Jordon created LRJ Coaching & Business Solutions, LLC to help women change their mindset and live their best life. Dr. Jordon inspires clients to illuminate their potential so they can have the life they deserve. She helps clients transition from corporate life to being their own boss.


ISBN: 978-1-957013-86-2
Publication date: August 20th, 2023
Page count: 110
List price: $15.95
Formats available: paperback and eBook

Unleash Your Inner CEO by Dr. Linda R. Jordon is an inspiring book that helped me a lot. I’m taking my first steps into the business world and I found the steps present in this book to be of great help. I was able to come clean with myself as regards the path I want to follow. And now, I have a clear vision of my goals. As I read, I pictured every step I needed to take next. This is thanks to the writing style of the author, she managed to explain every step in a complete yet simple way. In my opinion, not only the practical tools presented along the pages but also the inspirational stories, suit my beginner position perfectly.

Mayra Comolli


"Unleash Your Inner CEO" by Dr. Linda R. Jordan is a must read for anyone dreaming of entrepreneurship. This book doesn't just offer advice, it's also a blueprint for turning dreams into reality. Dr. Jordan's wisdom, backed by practical tools and inspiring stories, empowers you to find your "why" and align your goals with a clear business vision. The emphasis on accountability is a refreshing and essential aspect, making it a must-read for both newbies and experienced entrepreneurs. It's not just a guide; it's a mentor in print. If you're ready to take charge of your destiny and create your path to success, this book is your indispensable companion. Recommended!



Unleash Your Inner CEO by Dr. Linda R. Jordon is a book of empowerment and inspiration. I highly recommend this one because it is not just another entrepreneurial guide, it offers a refreshing perspective that is as practical as it is motivating. This book made me feel like becoming an entrepreneur is accessible, no matter your background or expertise. I loved all the practical advice and the encouragement. The author not only provides valuable insights of the world of entrepreneurship but also, she gives us her self-belief and confidence.

This book is amazing because I connected with it on a personal level. The author's real experiences create a genuine connection, making all the tips and stories about the entrepreneurial path exciting and obtainable. I loved everything about this reading, I felt empowered and capable of anything.


Empowering book

The book has a very attractive cover that captured my attention at first glance. "Unleash Your Inner CEO" by Dr. Linda R. Jordan is a remarkable guide for aspiring entrepreneurs, offering many valuable insights and practical advice.

Dr. Jordan's book is an empowering journey that encourages readers to define their 'why,' align personal aspirations with business goals, and develop a strategic plan for success. Her emphasis on accountability is totally interesting, providing clarity to navigate the often-challenging entrepreneurial landscape.
This book is a must read with inspiration and actionable wisdom.

Mia C.

A remarkable guide

Unleash Your Inner CEO by the incredibly successful Linda P. Jordon is one of those rare books that I could not put down from the moment I started reading it. It is an inspiration from cover to cover and what makes it even better is that I can really apply the advice that the author gives. It helps me so much to know that it is always best to be myself and not give way to the “imposter syndrome”, i.e. that debilitating feeling of self-doubt. The book is enhanced with “Dr Linda’s Kernels of Wisdom” which allow the reader to reflect on what they read and to write down their responses. I know that this is a book that I will return to very many times and I wish I could give it far more than five stars!


An incredible book by an incredible person

"Unleash Your Inner CEO" by Dr. Linda R. Jordan is a compelling and empowering guide for anyone with entrepreneurial aspirations. The book is a valuable resource that offers practical insights and actionable steps to help you transition from a dreamer to a successful business owner.

One of the book's strengths is its emphasis on discovering your underlying motivations, aligning personal goals with your business vision, and creating a comprehensive plan for achieving success. Jordan's emphasis on accountability is particularly noteworthy, as it reinforces the importance of taking ownership of your journey. 

A highly recommended read for anyone ready to turn their business aspirations into reality.

Santiago Flores

A must read

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