March 7

Types of Publishing to Choose

The world of publishing went through a recent revolution. Traditional publishing is no longer the only way of the industry. With new avenues such as self-publishing or hybrid publishing there are more ways for authors to get their work out into the world. The only problem is choosing the right one for you and your book.

Traditional Publishing

Traditional publishing means a book is published through traditional means. The book often needs an agent to even make it into the hands of an editor. Once there it often takes one to two years to even reach the market. With this avenue the publisher will shoulder the responsibility and risk. Your book would end up in physical bookstores and this would be the best bet for mainstream media coverage and reviews. You would be working with experienced publishers who know how to handle your book throughout the entire publishing process.


There are a couple different types of self-publishing. Your first decision is whether you want print or ebook, or both. Once that decision has been made you are left with the task of deciding which retailers and print on demand you want to work with. There are other options as well such as full-service companies. With these you pay an upfront fee and the company handles everything for you. Or you can go with an agent assisted self-published book, in which case the agent takes 15%+ of your net earnings while also charging other costs.

Hybrid Publishing

With hybrid publishing you help fund the publication process of your book. This is in exchange for the expertise and help of the publisher. Often these companies are run by former traditional publishing professionals. This set up would be ideal for an author with more money than time who is looking for a high end product. Plus, your book may be available for order through bookstores but often won’t be on the shelves in-store.

Deciding which avenue is right for you and your book is critical, but it’s no longer going to destroy your author career if you choose hybrid or self-publishing. With the options opening new doors, be sure to do your research when you decide which type of publishing to select.

If you’re looking at a hybrid publishing option, Hybrid Global Publishing is a great option!


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