Turning Points: How the Heart of Your Business is Formed in the Toughest of Times

by Jase Souder


In Turning Points: How the Heart of Your Business is Formed in the Toughest of Times, 25 successful entrepreneurs explore how the difficult times in our lives can transform our outlook and elevate the way we do business. Each author looks at a defining moment in their life that has transformed the very core of their business. By reading the stories of these inspiring authors, you'll discover the secret to elevating your career and increasing your profits with a heart-forward approach.

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Jase Souder believes that you have a God-given mission and it can be fulfilled and funded through your business. Jase's World Class Speaker Academy helps entrepreneurs become World Class Speakers who create massive impact, raving fans, and a rush of new clients with every presentation.


ISBN: 978-1951943523
Publication date: July 8, 2021
Page count: 172
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Jase Souder takes business coaching to a new level in his book, Turning Points: How the Heart of Your Business is Formed in the Toughest of Times. He focuses on the harsh times in your life that make you change..

If we don’t take care of how we form a business we may have problems later. Author Souder explains, in this book called Turning points, how to form the heart of our business. Many entrepreneurs share their experiences regarding their business from a different point of view. When reading all that, I was really interested and also inspired. Reading about the experiences of other business people is enriching. 

Very cool book. It is a collection of inspiring thoughts and experiences of various entrepreneurs, business men and women and it surprised me that they are actually interesting and well-written. It may sound weird when I put it like that, but often I thought that half of the chapters in books like that are just barely written and phoned in, just to fill up some pages. Here, they really are inspiring, relatable and interesting to read. And also, props to whoever did the cover for the book, it is gorgeous in its minimalism.

There is something in each of these stories that is completely relatable to where I am, where I have been, and where I hope to go. Having that relatability makes this book a perfect addition to my collection as I can see myself in the chapters. Catching a glimpse of what I'll be able to achieve, where I'll be able to go, allows me to get motivated, creating a shift within myself that fuels my own fire. All I can say is THANK YOU. The world needs this.

Turning Points is not just a book for entrepreneurs. It illustrates how the heart of your life, not just your business, is formed in the toughest of times. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by adversity these personal stories are likely to change your perspective & motivate you to grow beyond your previously perceived limits in any aspect of your life.

This book is full of stories that are inspiring as well as vulnerable. So much heart and truth in each chapter written by unique authors. It was a beautiful read and highly recommend you grab this book. Needing to gain some perspective on your life. This is the book for you.

Turning Points is a very inspiring book! It was difficult to put down as it was written in such a way that I wanted to find out how the person I was reading about overcame his/her hardship. I could relate to some of the participants in this book. Lorena Arnold I know personally. Because of her divorce, she helped me tremendously when I was going through my divorce several years ago. Lorena has gone through some very difficult times, but I have witnessed her growth over the past 8 years! Lorena is a successful yet very caring individual. Each of these stories gave hope that there is a better life on the other side of the "nightmare". It is inspiring to see that these successful individuals are all using their experiences and the knowledge they gained through their difficulties to help others! I would definitely recommend this book!

Do you think you can't do or be or have because of your current situation? Think again! This book lays out story after story of first-person accounts--some by individuals who overcame incredible challenges and others by dreamers who asked, "What if...?" All went on to build businesses that exceeded their wildest expectations and opened doors for them to impact the world. Every chapter is an inspiring read that makes me want to go out and live beyond my own challenges. This is about so much more than business. It's about living life to its fullest!

This book is full of useful tips, tool and strategies for living your best life when life isn't going so well. Each story tells how a woman pivoted from an old life into a new life where she is in control of her money and her life. I know Lorena Arnold, and she walks her talk and shares her story with women to inspired them to do the same. Great read.

“Turning Points” is an amazing and inspiring book. It drew me in right from the start. It is well written, very professional and heartfelt, both uplifting and motivating. I learned that when faced with adversity we have the opportunity to become stronger and to experience success in both our personal and business lives. I highly recommend “Turning Points”.

Entrepreneurs are a different breed - or so I thought. I enjoyed reading the personal accounts of people (just like me!) who took control of their lives and their circumstances to create the lives they always wanted. Kudos to the contributors. Thanks for the inspiration!.

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