Summary: Turn Knowledge to Profit: The Six Secrets of Successful Speakers, Coaches and Authors brings together the insights of more than 30 successful entrepreneurs, providing the reader with knowledge and ideas they can immediately apply to their business.

The publishing authors produce and host a weekly podcast, Turn Knowledge to Profit, available on the eWN Podcast Network. Through their podcast, they have interviewed more than 100 entrepreneurs who have created success in their business and personal lives.

While each podcast guest has a unique perspective on what it takes to be successful, there are six insights, or "secrets," that the authors heard far more than any others. This book presents these six secrets, providing examples, quotes and graphics to fully describe and discuss each one. But this book goes further. For each insight, the perspectives of 4-5 successful entrepreneurs extend the discussions by providing their experiences discovering and applying each insight to create their own business and personal success.

ISBN: 9781948181020

Publication date:May 24, 2018

Page count: 230

List price: $16.95

Formats available: paperback and eBook

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