Turn Knowledge to Profit by Michael and Johnell McCauley


Turn Knowledge to Profit: The Six Secrets of Successful Speakers, Coaches and Authors brings together the insights of more than 30 successful entrepreneurs, providing the reader with knowledge and ideas they can immediately apply to their business.

The publishing authors produce and host a weekly podcast, Turn Knowledge to Profit, available on the eWN Podcast Network. Through their podcast, they have interviewed more than 100 entrepreneurs who have created success in their business and personal lives.

While each podcast guest has a unique perspective on what it takes to be successful, there are six insights, or "secrets," that the authors heard far more than any others. This book presents these six secrets, providing examples, quotes and graphics to fully describe and discuss each one. But this book goes further. For each insight, the perspectives of 4-5 successful entrepreneurs extend the discussions by providing their experiences discovering and applying each insight to create their own business and personal success.

The Author:

Michael McCauley and Johnell McCauley are entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and podcast hosts. Coaches, speakers and authors hire their company, Turn Knowledge to Profit, to unleash earning potential by transforming knowledge into scalable, profitable products, services and programs. Their weekly Turn Knowledge to Profit Podcast (part of the eWN Podcast Network) provides entrepreneurs with the insights, ideas and tools they need to rapidly grow their own businesses. With 30 years of experience creating products, services and programs that have earned more than $75 million for businesses of all sizes, they know the formula for earning more, making a bigger impact on the world, and having the freedom to live the life of your dreams. In addition to Turn Knowledge to Profit, Johnell is also International Director of Recruitment, Training and Innovation for eWomenNetwork, the premier organization for women entrepreneurs. Through their company, podcast and relationship with eWomenNetwork, Michael and Johnell are committed to "improving millions of lives by helping experts everywhere share their knowledge with the world."


ISBN: 978-1948181020
Publication date: May 24, 2018
Page count: 230
List price: $16.95
Formats available: paperback and eBook

Turn Knowledge to Profit is a success book by author Michael McCauley. This book explores the six secrets success that he has gathered from successful speakers, entrepreneurs, and authors. The book itself is split into six sections to cover each of the secrets. While talking about each secret, this book gives detailed examples of successful people following the secrets. This is great because it helps the advice feel real and applicable in the real world. This book is well written and organized and the voice of the book is casual or conversational and puts the focus on the reader and what they can get out of the book. I liked that the book started with an introduction that explained the authors interest in the subject and their own experience getting involved with interviewing this type of successful person. It helps show the passion the author has for the topic and show the research they clearly put into writing the book. I found this to be very helpful especially in terms of creating the right mindset of success. I would definitely recommend giving this book a read.

This is a unique opportunity to read a book that contains a variety of knowledge from a top group of experts in the fields. The focus is turning knowledge into profit from the views of 30 successful people in this field. I found this to be a fun easy read that was very useful in putting together a strategy that has been tried and can be successful for those willing to put in the work. There are several keys to the success of this program and I recommend checking this one out for information and usefulness of the materials. Let me know what you think. I'm looking forward to trying out some of these techniques myself. Great information thanks for putting these resources together.

This book is an interesting and educational compilation of secrets to success by many public speakers who are also famous in their own rights. Rather than focusing on just how to be successful financially, Turn Knowledge to Profit takes the overall advice of over 30 entrepreneurs who have proven they know their stuff. This advice comprises six key “secrets” that seem to be common sense, but until it is all laid bare next to each other in succession, it is not easy to see how they interact to create a formula for success. Anyone who uses - truly uses - the advice from the authors of this book (and the contributing authors) is on the right path to real success. It is not a “get rich quick” book, so if you are looking for that, keep searching. What it is is a guide to an enriched life, because if you take these secrets and apply them to your entire life, you can’t go wrong.

In public speaking and entrepreneurship, there are six common themes or ingredients in the recipe for success. The authors have compiled them all, along with their own insights and formatted them into this easy to understand book. The authors are part of the eWN Podcast network and so some readers may already be familiar with them and their show. I was not familiar with them, but I am interested in Public Speaking and how to do so successfully. I figured that this book couldn’t hurt. It did not contain itself to just public speaking, the different chapters were dedicated to the individual secret of success, for example Passion or Persistence and then within the individual chapters, we are introduced to some examples and how to effectively put these secrets into good use. I think that anyone who is thinking of starting a business or looking to brand themselves can use this book to become successful. The secrets seem commonsense, but it was helpful to see them all together and a step by step guide on how to actually achieve them. It was very educational without seeming like it was preaching to me or making light of my ignorance on how to strive for success.

I have not listened to any of the podcasts published by the authors of this book, but I imagine that the podcasts are very similar to the content in the book. It reads like a good podcast, filled with the echoes and ethos of successful individuals in their respective fields, and all showing how specific characteristics of the successful recur in all areas of business. In short, the book is fairly common sense, but it serves as a beacon of encouragement to see so many individuals reporting success through following one or more of the simple principles outlined in the book. The world of business is always changing, but it is rooted in some fundamental aspects of communication, marketing, and leadership. While it may not be the ideas themselves that are earth-shattering or revelatory, some of the insights legitimately are insightful and immediately translatable into any workspace. Others can seem a bit repetitive or perhaps not applicable to any given person's situation, but that's business in a way and it is helpful to gain alternate perspectives. All in all, a fairly helpful read which will give you, if nothing else, deeper clarity into the advice that you have most likely heard before.

This book by Michael McCauley and Johnell McCauley is designed to help inspire and teach you as to how you can improve your profits. The book explores six different secrets that you need to know in order to be successful. It also looks into various companies and entrepreneurs to show what they’re doing and how you can do the same. Each chapter includes various topics that go in-depth into the main idea so you are fully informed of everything you need to know. It also includes some inspiring stories by different people at the end of each chapter to encourage you and various quotes throughout that can help you ponder more on the main theme of the different chapters.
If you want to help grow your business or learn more about how to succeed in the business world, you’ll want to give this book a try. You’ll find it easy to read and filled with valuable information.

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