February 16

Three Keys for Authors to Producing Engaging Social Media Content

As an author, you want your to use social media to help your audience connect with you and your books. The good news is that studies and research have shown just exactly which basic practices put in use in your interactions nets you the most positive responses in your networking– the kind that helps you build your audience right. After all, you want them to eventually buy your book, right?

One of the major key concepts in interacting with people you want to convert into a fanbase is listening. In other words, you need to get to know them. You have to know about what your audience is talking about, what issues are affecting their lives, who they are, and narrow down their age groups. You don’t want to release a book on how to buy your first home if there’s a housing crisis going on or else. Study what they want and need so you can better deliver it to them.

Anther major concept you need to consider when social networking is the reason why people will want to connect with you or keep up with you. You need to have something establishing why readers will come back to you: maybe it’s your playful humor, the useful advice you dole out, or the free giveaways you occasionally host. In essence, to have people wanting to follow you, you have to give them a reason to, something to drive that connection and make them feel like they are gaining something of use from you.


Read more on the other key concepts that produce engaging social media content at the Digital Book World.


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