Summary: We live in a fragmented society in which we have almost lost empathy for the other, the contact with nature and contact with ourselves.

In her practice as an international conflict mediator in various cultures, the author was always looking for universal elements of conflicts. This book highlights interesting aspects that have been neglected for far too long, but could offer structural solutions to the problems of our society today; by the development of emotional intelligence and felt sense, as well as emphasizing the importance of the authentic power of every human being. Nature and especially horses help us in our personal development: They act in the service of a greater good and at the same time feel the system and the energy of each person and the dynamics of his relations.

In a role play or "tableau vivant", the horse guides us. He is the only living being able to lead us so fast and so far in the field of behavioral finesse, themes of life, blockages in the system and the subtleties of the relationships; all without judgment.

This book examines various processes and situations in professional and private life, which are illustrated with practical examples. Equine mediation and the role of nature are essential for sustainable enterprises, educating young people for their psycho-emotional balance, better relations between people and a more harmonious society.

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Publication date:August 25, 2020

Page count: 162

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