Summary: In the constant state of chaos and uncertainty that President Trump delights in creating, one thing is certain, it would be disastrous if he serves another term. Everyone is worse off with Trump--women, men, all ethnicities, farmers, industrialists, steelworkers, coal miners--everyone, except Trump. It's time for change. Kelly Hyman, attorney, Democratic strategist, and popular speaker has created a practical, accessible, and enlightening quick reference guide to the top ten reasons to dump Trump in 2020, including:

  • • He lies about everything--immigration, air quality, the economy, the weather.
  • • He's worked tirelessly to undermine fundamental human rights.
  • • He believes he's "the chosen one," and as such, what's good for Trump is good for the country, if not the universe.
  • • He and his administration have sought to roll back key climate regulations at every turn.
  • • He withheld aid to Ukraine to compel them to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

Trump doesn't follow or believe in the Rule of Law. He debases it with his cheating, lying, ignoring legal requests, and publicly denigrating judges. And while he may be impeached for his actions, he won't be convicted. Reading this book will heighten your awareness of the issues, help you become crystal clear about why Trump must not serve another term, and provide voting resources to get you--and others--to the polls to vote. Vote, vote, vote!

ISBN: 978-19481818226

Publication date: November 19, 2019

Page count: 100

List price: $9.99

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