The Simply Self-Wonderful Inner Workout Book

by Judy Slater


The longest relationship you will have in your life is the one with yourself. And at this point in your life, you may have a deep yearning for something better. You want to feel Simply Self-Wonderful, perhaps not all the time, but at least most of the time, and to know ways to get back to being Simply Self-Wonderful so you can live and flourish in the life you create for yourself.

Self-love isn’t always easy. There is no self-love destination. It’s an ongoing journey you take with yourself. Self-love doesn’t demand perfection; it encourages you to take one step at a time. It begins with the Self. That’s why the word Self is repeated in every attribute. That’s why there is a hyphen between the attribute and the Self. They are connected and inseparable if you want to truly flourish, love yourself, and your life.

In The Simply Self-Wonderful Inner Workout Book, you can learn to love yourself wholly through the 33 Self-Wonderfuls and 32 Self-Woundings. Each Self-Wonderful is the gift of being uniquely you that shines, and each Self-Wounding can be transformed into a gift of love.

With over 500 practices, The Simply Self-Wonderful Inner Workout Book offers you a chance to go deeper into learning to love all aspects of the Simply Self-Wonderful YOU!

Each Self-Wonderful and Self-Wounding has a unique mandala to color, expanded definitions, affirmations, quotes, and activities in five focus areas known as MEPSS: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Social, and Spiritual. With The Simply Self-Wonderful Inner Workout Book you will join a myriad of others who yearn for a better self, a better life, a better world to love with all their hearts, and celebrate being Simply Self-Wonderful.

The Author:

Judy E Slater draws on her expertise as an ordained PC(USA) Minister, certified CTI Coach and Leadership graduate, Intuition Medicine Practitioner ®, Trauma Health and Wellness educator, and Creative Expression dilettante. Using body, mind, spirit practices and mandalas for inspiration, she created The Simply Self-Wonderful Card Deck that morphed into the companion book and eBook The Simply Self-Wonderful Inner Workout Book. Her chapter The Holistic Path to Flourishing: Uniting Spirituality, Health and Creative Expression for Personal Growth and Well-Being is included in the upcoming book Life Coach’s Tool Kit volume 2 edited by Erik Seversen. She fosters rabbits, quilts, exposes herself to art, nature, and travel, and cares deeply about others finding personal empowerment and self-love so they too can flourish in life.


ISBN: 978-1-961757-01-1
Publication date:
October 11th, 2023
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Formats available:
paperback and eBook

"The Simply Self-Wonderful Inner Workout Book" by Judy E. Slater is a refreshing addition to the self-help genre, offering a unique perspective on the journey of self-discovery. As a self-help enthusiast, I found Slater's book to be a delightful exploration of the relationship we have with ourselves. The opening line's revelation about the longest relationship any person would ever have would be being with oneself immediately resonated with me, setting the tone for a journey of introspection.

Slater doesn't promise quick fixes but provides a series of insightful exercises that gently guide readers toward a deeper understanding of their own uniqueness. The book's wisdom lies in its acknowledgement that personal growth is an ongoing process. I appreciate how each exercise contributes valuable nuggets of advice, making "The Simply Self-Wonderful Inner Workout Book" a valuable companion on the continuous path of self-improvement.


Nuggets of Advice

"Self-doubt is one of the major obstacles to living the life you truly want for yourself. When you are full of Self-Doubt, you are more prone to making mistakes."

The beauty of The Simpy Self-Wonderful Inner Workout book is that it reaches every single reader. In my case, it was Self-Doubt, among others, but the author explores much more than that. Divided into short but powerful chapters, Judy Slater uses all her knowledge and experience to break down and analyze the uniqueness of humankind.

Definitely, a recommended read for people who want to expand their horizons. It is the kind of book that opens the mind and makes you think about your own life, as well as the people around you.


A Self-Masterpeace!!

"The Simply Self-Wonderful Inner Workout Book" offers a profound journey towards self-love and acceptance, deserving a solid 4 stars. This comprehensive guide, with its 33 Self-Wonderfuls and 32 Self-Woundings, intricately explores the path to embracing one's uniqueness. The book's rich content, boasting over 500 practices, encompasses mandalas, affirmations, quotes, and activities across mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual aspects. It's a holistic toolkit nurturing self-appreciation. While the repetition of "Self" might feel excessive, the book's depth in fostering self-love makes it a compelling resource. For those seeking to cherish their individuality and cultivate self-wonder, this book is an invaluable companion. Recommended!

Lucia Maranghello

Thought provoking

The novel, ‘The Simply Self-Wonderful Inner Workout Book’, has a bright and attractive pink and blue cover decorated with a mandala flower. The front cover gives the reader a good impression of what the contents of the book will be about. The author, Judy E Slater, takes readers on a transformative journey and offers words of guidance to encourage them to celebrate and embrace their unique selves.

The novel includes practical activities to help readers dive deep into themselves for self-acceptance and self-love.

Julie Tsang

An insightful read

In "The Simply Self-Wonderful Inner Workout Book" by Judy E. Slater, readers are invited on a transformative journey of self-love and discovery. Slater’s approach, encompassing 33 Self-Wonderful and 32 Self-Woundings, offers a comprehensive and engaging exploration of personal growth. The book stands out for its relatable and encouraging tone, making the concept of self-love accessible and achievable. The inclusion of mandalas for colouring and varied activities adds a practical and interactive dimension, enriching the reading experience. This book is a gem for anyone looking to embrace their unique self and flourish in life. It's a heartfelt recommendation for those seeking a deeper connection with themselves.


A Journey to Self-Love and Discovery

Addressing all aspects of yourself is essential. Using this book the author walks you through all things self: wounding, esteem, criticism, empowerment, love, worth, etc. She talks about each aspect and what we need to do in order to embrace ourselves. As someone who struggles with self worth and confidence, this book was very helpful in allowing me to see some of my faults and how I can overcome them.

J Armstrong

The simply self

The Simply Self-Wonderful Inner Workout Book: Celebrating the Gifts of Being Uniquely by Judy E. Slater is classified as an adult coloring and graphic design type of book. This book is all about self-love, which I believe is something important for all people. It is a practice that everyone should practice. The book contains "self-wonderfuls" that help you love you. There are mandalas to color with each section as well as some affirmations, quotes, and other activities throughout. Overall, I highly recommend for everyone to practice and learn self love.

Celeste L

Self love

'The Simply Self-Wonderful Inner Workout Book' is a self-help coloring book. You are really getting the best of both worlds here. It does smooth the mind and calm the nerves. I found the work to be useful and enjoyable.

S. J. Main

Useful self help book

There is so much value in this book that everyone should have a copy on hand. You'll find many ways to connect with your true inner self while learning so much about who you are at the core of your being. The author has a way of making it so much easier to connect with yourself, which will make you wonder why this isn't taught in schools. I'd highly recommend this book, you'll feel so much at peace after reading it and will feel a greater love for yourself.

Chelsey McQuitty

a valuable read

This book is a very interesting and fulfilling guide to have near at any time. It is a book to embark on the journey of discovering our true self. One of the chapters I enjoyed the most was the part about Self-doubt and all the truths that come with that and why it is important to knock it down. The author talks about being just your fears that manifest in order to protect ourselves from humiliation and loss and keep us safe. Really helpful to put names and know what that means to be able to work on that.

Very good book to work on oneself, it is a personal workshop with a lot of points to discuss and activities to do to get better.


Interesting and fulfilling guide

The Simply Self-Wonderful Inner Workout Book: Celebrating the gift of Being Uniquely You by Judy E. Slater is a really interesting self help book that I think everyone could find useful to read. There are times we all find ourselves unloveable but reading this is certainly a good idea.

The book contains a mix of practical exercises as well as insightful guidance. There are times you can also reflect. I ordered this as a kindle book but with the mandalas included every so often to colour, on hindsight I feel this book would be better in an actual book form, so that you can reflect on what you’ve read while colouring. It’s not quite like other self help books I’ve read but this one I liked even more. It’s written in a way that you can really understand, connect with and reflect on. I didn’t read in one sitting but in a few, as for me I can truly think and digest what I’ve read better when reading this style of book.

If you are finding life a little more challenging and needing to truly become at peace with yourself then please pick this up as I do think it would help. I certainly took some things away with me from reading.

H. Taylor

A great read

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