Summary: Drew Mulvey's journey of alternative baking and cooking started when introduced to a paleo-style diet after having a severe dairy allergy. From there, she undertook several other therapeutic style diets for her health which entailed getting creative in the kitchen. From gluten-free, to paleo, to vegan, Drew developed a deep compassion for those with dietary restrictions or those with specific dietary preferences without defining her diet by a dietary label. She believes in food as medicine and found inspiration for her book amidst her mother's battle with cancer in March of 2018. Many of the recipes in this book were created during her mother's chemotherapy treatments. As of August 2018, her mother is in remission and remains cancer-free to this day. After this, she made it her mission to make the most delectable foods into emotionally enjoyable, nutrient dense, alternative dishes for every population. Her new cookbook, "The No-Title Cookbook", emphasizes that food can be a unique expression of one's self through incorporation of healing, alternative recipes and free of a dietary label.

ISBN: 978-1-951943-14-1

Publication date: July 7, 2020

Page count:194

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