March 25

The New Facebook Changes: What Authors Need to Know

Facebook is a platform that a lot of authors utilize to connect with their readers or to attract them. Facebook marketing is a crucial component in many a book marketing plan, especially in the successful ones. Therefore it stands that authors must keep up with any change Facebook makes in their algorithms, especially with this big one they integrated this past January due to their unintentional influence in politics.

The biggest change Facebook has implemented a different algorithm for what posts show up more in your news feed, giving priority to what your friends and family post over what news articles or postings from pages or groups you’re a part of. This particular change was most likely brought about to curb the clickbaity “fake news” articles running rampant across Facebook.

What this means is that the posts you make to promote yourself or your book will be buried by other posts and your followers are now less likely to see them, unless they go out of their way to reprioritize their news feeds so they won’t miss your oh-so-important posts. Unfortunately since this means that users must play with the settings to change what shows up by default for them, it may be difficult for you to get your posts seen again unless you can successfully walk all of your followers through this process.

Of course, you can always pay Facebook to promote your posts or buy ads to help you raise your engagement levels again and make sure people are seeing your content, but it may not be the most cost-effective option for you. These new Facebook changes mean that many authors are now exploring new ways of promoting their books, it may be beneficial for you to experiment too.

Read more about Facebook’s new changes and how authors can work with them at IngramSpark’s blog.


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