The Card Squad

by Jack Cole


Ever feel like something suspicious is going on? Eleven-year-old Jake sure does! He just knows his cousins Max and Alexandra are trying to steal his grandfather Peter’s rare baseball card collection. Now, Jake is on a topsy-turvy mission to prove it. The problem is that his grandfather has lost his memory to Alzheimer’s and, unless his new drug trial somehow miraculously helps, it’s not coming back. So what’s a boy to do, especially when his parents don’t believe him? Turn to his lovably strange friends – genius Brit, mischief maker Rowdy and computer whiz Noah – to help solve this crime before it’s too late!

A portion of proceeds from this book will benefit the Alzheimer's Foundation of America.

The Author:

Jack Cole is currently a junior in high school. Winner of numerous Scholastic Art & Writing Awards (including the American Voices Award) and the New York Times Summer Reading Contest, Jack loves creative writing and strives to offer a voice to the day-to-day challenges kids face. When not writing, Jack is an ardent sports fan, a terrible basketball player, a passionate golfer, and an advocate for all furry (and non-furry) creatures. Jack currently lives in Florida with his parents and sister Morgan.


ISBN: 978-1-957013-93-0
Publication date: September 21st, 2023
Page count: 270
List price: $15.95
Formats available: paperback and eBook

What a wonderful story about the author’s grandfather with Alzheimer’s. The author's creativity in weaving this heavy and sad subject matter to make it understandable for adolescent readers (and adults) was just remarkable. This book is engaging, funny, and extremely well written. It's a wonderful resource for families struggling with this horrible disease to help children and adults understand what is happening to their loved one with Alzheimer’s. Thank you, Jack Cole, for writing this heartfelt story...this book will help so many people!

Sarah D. Chappell

Brilliant and heartwarming story

The young author does a great job weaving two difficult realities, having a family member with Alzheimer's disease and navigating your early teens, into a fast paced, often times funny, story. High School student/author Jack Cole manages to get a lot of factual information about Alzheimer's, patient care, and drug trials in without weighing the story and plot down.

John U

Highly recommend!

How do you begin to explain Alzheimer's Disease to children? Although this disease affects everyone in a family, for younger children, this can be a particularly scary and confusing time when questions seem to outnumber answers. To make things worse, it's often hard for children to talk about their feelings. Through its funny and light-hearted approach, this book serves as a kind and comforting way to introduce Alzheimer's Disease to children as well as to help them start a much-needed conversation through which they can ask questions and discuss their feelings about what's happening to their loved ones.

A. Izes

great read to help children understand Alzheimer's Disease!

This is a great read that encourages discussions around memory, aging, and the value of close relationships. It is a memorable and impactful novel for middle schoolers.

Jack Cole portrays Alzheimer's in a way that is informative, without being overwhelming, by providing a glimpse into the condition and hope for a treatment. The narrative provides readers with a compassionate understanding of the condition, balancing the more challenging aspects with moments of humor, adventure, and the importance of friendships.

Kathleen W.

A Great Novel that Explores Memory, Aging, and the Importance of Relationships

Having a parent with Alzheimer's is daunting. Explaining to your kids why their grandfather is losing his memory is painful. My daughter read this book and felt a lot less alone in the world. She also learned about baseball cards! LOL. It is entertaining and well written! A lot of helpful fun!

M. Michael

Informative! Fun! Perfect for my 10 year-old!

So our older neighbor got diagnosed with dementia not long ago, and our 11 year-old daughter was afraid to go over to their house even though she's been going over there for years to play with their dog. I found this book and downloaded it for her. She read it in one day and is now back at their house as I write this. She realized that our neighbor is still the same guy.

Sarah Smith

Relatable for kids!

This book is fun and happy and exciting to read. I recommend this especially if you like to collect things.


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