The Caduca

by Elaine Graham-Leigh


The planet of Benan Ty is just another poor and violent ex-Terran colony. Now the Chi!me, the major power in the galaxy, are coming to broker a peace deal between guerrilla group ViaVera and the government.

For Quila, a rising figure in the Chi!me diplomatic service, the posting to Benan Ty could be the making of her career. Meanwhile Terise, one of ViaVera’s inner circle, is just trying to get her lover out with his life. But in a conflict where no side’s motivations are pure, they are both about to discover how much they have to lose.

Set in a future where humanity has gone to the stars, but taken exploitation and oppression with them, this is a story of imperialism, resistance, friendship and ultimately, liberation.

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Elaine Graham-Leigh is a political campaigner, with a particular interest in climate change and a medieval historian who also writes science fiction. She is a member of Counterfire and has written widely for on a range of political issues. Her website is


ISBN: 978-1-951943813
Publication date: December 7, 2021
Page count: 420
List price: $18.99
Formats available: paperback and eBook

Elaine Graham-Leigh builds worlds in a corner of the galaxy that resonate with struggles for justice, love, and purpose in existence. I couldn't put it down and found the greatest satisfaction in discovering that the story got better and the worlds clearer as the book progressed. The ending was so fulfilling that it made me hope there is some parallel universe where this very event could occur as the author created it. I loved the insights into social and cultural change, linguistic melting pots, even the nod to !Kung Bush peoples in the superior culture's name, Chi!me, as future colonizers from Earth strive to find their place in the biggest realm of all. I am ready to read The Caduca again, now that the characters and their settings are clearer in my mind. Looking at the night sky has more promise. If we earthlings can come up with imaginary worlds that seem so real, it isn't such a stretch of the imagination to conceive of real worlds out there that might also be able to imagine us as nothing more than their mixed-up descendants.

Judalon Manes

Fascinating Female Characters Whose Choices lead to the Best Ending in a Sci-fi Book Ever!

Set in space far in the future, ‘The Caduca,’ by author Elaine Graham-Leigh is a compelling futuristic sci-fi book that tackles imperialism, corruption, love, friendship, and so much more. When I started the book, it took me a second to understand the characters and the setting as there is a lot to it, but I felt like once I had a grip on this new reality, the details and complexity in this story were a huge strength. ‘The Caduca’ provides a window into our own worldly challenges and allows the reader to dive into a new world. Graham-Leigh is an excellent writer and does a wonderful job of developing the characters and storyline. I would highly recommend this book to fellow sci-fi enthusiasts!

I enjoyed this story a lot. While there was quite a bit of narration each chapter was devoted to one or two main characters so the point of view kept changing and that raised the interest factor for me. Each thought they were the hero in the story.
The story explored contrasting concepts such as loyalty and betrayal, love and loss, greed and benevolence. The broad experiences are well represented in this story.
With many actors this story is full of the human condition and is an excellent read!
I award 4.6 stars to "The Caduca"

Mark Schultz

A fascinating story!

Elaine Graham-Leigh is a medieval historian who also writes science fiction. This book called The Caduca is set in a futuristic world where for several reasons humanity had to move to the stars and unfortunately set the same system where oppression and imperialism are the main forces. The plot starts when Chi!me, a colony that runs the galaxy tries to come up with a peace deal between guerrilla group ViaVera and the government. But having a massive disagreement, both parties will come to realize how hard it is to succeed and how much they will be willing to lose.
I have to say, I enjoyed the book but at times it got a bit confusing. The plot is interesting and is all based on how big the word resistance means to the characters. It is a story that left me thinking about my ideals and how much value I put into friendships and freedom. I really appreciate Graham-Leigh’s writing; it is very easy to imagine the story because of the descriptions she provides. A very good book!


Highly interesting!

Really enjoyed reading this, very well written and kept me hooked throughout. Very much recommend!

Shabbir Lakha

Gripping novel

The story very much made me think of Pancho Villa. It is the story of a glorious revolution against an expansionist government. The characters are numerous and varied. All are flawed, but most have redeeming qualities.
Author Graham-Leigh has a writing style the is eloquent and descriptive. Her world building is top notch which gives us a richly detailed story with interesting and compelling conflicts.
The only downside I found to her writing style was that we often hop from one character to another without a clear delineation. It does often give us both sides of an argument, but it can be confusing it you don’t recognize the switch.
The story explores the various motives and personal philosophies from all sides of the conflict. Several of the characters are on a journey of self-discovery. They, and the reader, are surprised at where they end up.
I recommend this book.

Guy Wheatley

The story of a glorious revolution

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Rick Frishman

Best-selling Author, Publisher and Founder of Planned Television Arts

The Caduca is a science fiction adventure story. It is filled with exploration and adventure.
What stood out for me in this book was how although the book was a story, I learned a lot from it. The characters were interesting, and the author has created a thrilling story. I believe the choices made in the scenes and the world-building were impressive, making it thought-provoking. I recommend this book to sci-fi readers.

S. J. Main

futuristic sci-fi story

The Caduca is an amazing science fiction story that I thoroughly enjoyed.

This story involves deep world building and requires patience for those not accustomed to sci-fi novels, but pays off big time. It covers themes of friendship, corruption, destiny, and rebellion.

The author does a great job developing out all the characters and fantastic settings. She deftly keeps the action moving the whole time and never lets up.

Recommended for lovers of sci-fi.


Deep world building

In The Caduca, the writer Elaine Graham-Leigh created worlds in some place of the galaxy which struggles for justice, freedom and love. It is a story of imperialism, resistance, friendship and ultimately, liberation. This tale tells the story of the planet Benan Ty, another poor and violent ex-Terran colony that must confront many problems, such as those between guerrilla group ViaVera and the government.
I really liked it because it's a sci-fi story with a strange but amazing positive futuristic touch. I felt the author developed real life's problems very well in a fiction story. The only detail I found was that there are so many characters that tell the story that it is easy to get lost while reading. All in all, I enjoyed it a lot and I want to read it again to gain more details. I highly recommend it!

Ane Sanchez

A sci-fi and futuristic tale.

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