Summary: The Bullseye Principle

Many of us get stuck in a quagmire of emotion or personal suffering that stunt our growth or progress in this life. The Bullseye Principle helps us build healthy relationships, starting from within our self and expanding to those around us that give us the freedom to be our best self.  

The Success Roommate’s Survival Guide

Each of us comes from different backgrounds, cultures and family values. Once those are transplanted into a new living quarters with all the variables of living, breathing roommate, it can rock our world with conflict and uncomfortable scenarios. The Successful Roommate’s Survivor Guide helps remove relationship roadblocks, and build successful foundation in co-habitation, thus aiding to remove triggers and inflammatory situations with harmonious living. Great for college roommates, newly-weds and even teens living at home. This book brings the simplest principles to understanding and implementation that create harmony and personal growth for “the many” as they live together under one roof.


Publication date:May 26, 2020

Page count:90

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