The Brooklyn Stories: A Rousing Collection From New York’s Most Colorful Borough

by Andrew Bernstein


The Brooklyn Stories is a collection of tales chronicling varied characters in sizzling conflicts regarding major values.

For example: Will a philosophy professor overcome heartbreak and anger at romantic betrayal to collaborate with his triumphant rival on writing the novel they both cherish?
Can a high school teacher and former Marine, reared in a criminal family, protect from that family’s murderous intent his innocent best friend?
Can a brilliant boxer clean the ‘hood’s mean streets of brutal thugs and win back the girlfriend that his neglect permitted to be savagely assaulted?
How do multiple survivors of a violent school invasion deal with the aftermath of the tragic event?
These are just some of the vivid characters and conflicts gracing the pages of this collection.

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The Author:

Andrew Bernstein holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Graduate School of the City University of New York. He teaches Philosophy at Marist College and has taught at other universities throughout the New York area. He lectures across the country and around the world on his books and other intellectual issues. His website is:


ISBN: 978-1951943899
Publication date: November 18, 2021
Page count: 332
List price: $18.99
Formats available: paperback and eBook

"Andrew Bernstein is one of the great writers of our time - maybe, any time. In his latest collection of stories, he takes hold of the reader by the emotions and tours the soul through a dazzling spectacle of tragedy, heartache, inspiration, and heroism. You will weep, you will agonize -- but you will also experience the potential of the human mind and heart at its finest -- and, thus, you will be moved. This is yet another display of literary artistry in its highest form from a writer of subtle genius."

James Valliant

Author of Creating Christ: How Roman Emperors Invented Christianity

Andrew Bernstein is a talented author and has produced an intriguing compilation of work. Bernstein’s versatility as an author shines as the stories range from romance, tales of stolen love and betrayal, crime, and more.
The Brooklyn Stories is an excellent compilation of writing that demonstrates Bernstein's ability to write fiction. Each story maintains a steady pulse and is well-constructed. As a reader, I was highly satisfied by the use of such eloquent vocabulary. The flow of the prose was never interrupted from one story to the next and delineates his writing voice with clarity. Each story depicts Brooklyn differently and readers can connect with the characters within their chapter. There is a fair amount of dialog taking place, and that adds to the development and creates personality in the characters.
The prologue to The Intelligent War and the preceding chapters will remind readers of events synonymous with modern-day Brooklyn. The language and thuggish narrative made the story believable.
It’s a rare occurrence that there’s nothing negative or mediocre to review about a story collection. The Brooklyn Stories is one such rarity, the stories are literary gems. Proper recognition should be given to this collection of work, hence the five-star review.

Falon Charles-Jabri

An excellent compilation of stories

Reading The Brooklyn Stories by Andrew Bernstein has been quite an interesting experience. I've gone through many feelings and emotions all along the reading. Thanks to the writing style of the author, I could feel part of the story, I had the sense of being in every scene almost touching the characters. The book consists of 8 stories plus 2 prologues and chapters of other stories, so the dynamic changes with every page. Every tale takes place in New York city, I don't know the city, but thanks to the author's descriptions I'm eager to visit it. The descriptions of the characters as well as their feelings and the scenery give the perfect picture for the reader. I honestly enjoyed every story. I highly recommend this book to anyone.

Mayra Comolli

A novel to recomend

I highly recommend Andrew Bernstein's The Brooklyn Stories.
It's not easy being a hero...but some will be. This a collection of dramatic, engaging, gripping stories showing just what it takes to be a hero. Bernstein concretizes the virtues of rationality, integrity, courage, and love. He created characters that you will care about and relate with. Enjoy.


It's not easy being a hero...

“The Brooklyn Stories: A Rousing Collection From New York's Most Colorful Borough” by author Andrew Bernstein is a compilation of short stories which chronicles different conflicts regarding values. The conflicts present are thought provoking and told in an entertaining manner. Moreover, the author managed to create a lot of characters with different personality traits that I am sure any reader will empathize with at least one of them.
I recommend reading this collection of short tales because they are well narrated and entertaining. And also, I believe that the moments each character goes through will make the readers think about any aspect of their lives, as the conflicts present here can be present in true life too.

Mia C.

Great tales

The issue I have with collections of stories like this is that they usually aren't all evenly good and entertaining. Furthermore, if they are about one place like this is, they sometimes fail to paint a believable picture of that place.
This collection doesn't suffer from those problems. All the stories are interesting; the characters are memorable, the premises are gripping but still realistic, and the writing is very skillful. Also, I don't know anything about Brooklyn, apart from what I managed to see in films and TV shows, so I don't know how realistic it is portrayed here. What I do know is that it feels like a living, breathing place, vividly described and almost like a character in the stories. As you can see, I love this book; it's a great read, so consider giving it a chance.


Collection of gripping and realistic stories

8 stories plus 2 prologues and chapters of other stories, this book is jampacked with entertainment. All of the stories are set in Brooklyn New York, according to the author the most colorful borough. We have philosophers, we have romance, betrayal, Criminals, we have boxers and just so many more characters that star in these stories. The author did a fantastic job with developing the characters none of the stories feel like they're just copies of each other, and I really did enjoy reading this book. My Favorite two stories are Nothing to do and Life Struggle.

J Armstrong

A collection of stories

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