The Audacity Code

by Juanita Johnson


ALiving beyond the boundaries of prescribed inferiority requires an attitude of audacity and a determined code of conduct. Still, some African-Americans defy societal limitations and built lives of achievement by coloring outside the lines. The Audacity Code shines a spotlight on 13 of these disruptors including: o the little known African-American car manufacturer o the visionary African-American farmer who turned ninety cents into an agricultural empire o the pioneering African-American television chef and food ambassador. Now for the first time, the foundational principles employed by these and other mavericks to do well for themselves and the world are revealed in The Audacity Code. The question is...are you willing to employ these principles in your life to color outside the lines of the status quo?

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Juanita B. Johnson is the Sankofa griot of our time. Her attraction to the concept of positive audacity began in childhood as she listened to fascinating dinner-table stories which featured the achievements of African American luminaries, change agents, and historical personalities. Those stories continue to serve as her North Star of fearlessness. Juanita is an honor graduate of Dillard University and holds an MBA from The Ohio State University. Currently she facilitates the Sankofa Chronicles, a web-based edutainment platform which instills pride and self-confidence in children through its focus on character-building African American history and culture.


ISBN: 978-1735801407
Publication date: February 10, 2021
Page count: 152
List price: $16.99
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The author writes: “At the heart of the Audacity Code is a commitment to realize one’s life purpose regardless of conditions, obstacles, or hindrances.” First, Johnson’s narratives ascend to the audacious triumphs of 12 Black change agents we either didn’t know or only knew a fraction of their daunting quests.

The stories here are written so beautifully that I felt I got to know each person well. I especially like the resources listed for visiting and further reading which is presented by grade level. This is a book I will be recommending to friends and family!

Ms. Johnson's research and presentation of lesser known African American luminaries in each one's field is inspiring and information important to share. Well done and appreciated!

Excellent. Very engaging stories which highlight the resilience and tenacity of our people. Looking forward to your next book.

This book is simply AMAZING!!! It provides the readers with a wealth of knowledge, great history and individuals that defied all odds. Each one of these individuals had confidence and courage in common. They all did what they were called to do, they lived in their calling. I would highly recommend this book for every middle grade level student. This is not just Black history but everybody's history.

Juanita makes African American history inspire you to learn more. It was very informative. I love the Audacity Principles in each section. A must have for all American history classes across America.

I loved this book. Informative, engaging and encouraging.

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